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    In hindsight FIFA 14 should be released on the same day on all formats to save an awful lot of confusion and argue meant. Ea have pushed there luck all through FIFA 13 and I feel an awful lot more gamers will pull the plug on ea or ult team unfortunately!

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    The transfer of players and coins stimulate the shift console for XBOX360 XBOX 1, now you do not have transfers who will want to switch consoles? Just because it’s new? And the money is invested in players like? They think we’re stupid?

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    I dont think it be possible, like it says above, people who hav bought the xbox One and the fifa 14 game on it prob spent alot of moeny. It be unfair for those who haven’t bought it on previous console just so they can buy the next gen. Also i know ea has been named the worst company two years in a row of how it treats its customers. EA can use a new empty market like ps4 and xbox one to make more profit.

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    I doubt they will surprise us.I hate their staff, I reported a scammer who took my player in FUT because of their glitchy game (the trade details did not appear so I didn’t know he offered bronze player in exchange with my gold player) three months ago and I got no answer from them although when of their staff told me they will investigate and give me back my player if I am right. Bullshit!
    Plus the worst of it, I pre ordered FIFA to enjoy the pre ordered gift but the redeem code didn’t work, they tried fixing it with no luck and I am still waiting UNTIL NOW (since November 2012!!)
    So don’t expect anything from them.

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