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    Hi there, I am the owner of We are Flawless. We are a U.K based team although we do have players from different time zones with us also. Our play times are usually from 7pm every night till everyone goes off. I like to play 1 and 2 touch pass and move football which means plenty of ground passes with the X button and using the through balls at the right opportunity:- not spamming the triangle or lobbed through ball at every chance! We are currently in division 3, but I am looking to get to division 1 and to the very top of the world rankings.... we are an active team that plays most nights and have a decent number of players on each night anything between 5-8 players usually. But wait here comes the good news not all these players fit into our style of play and abuse the sprint button,make wrong choices, don't play there position and are average/poor players at best. I am looking for players that keep it simple, play quick 1 and 2 touch pass and move football, stick to the position and like to play in pockets of space and bring other players into the game and don't abuse any of the following:- sprinting all the time,constantly plays the lobbed through ball or ground through ball and just generally takes to long in possession. Before you receive the pass you should be looking at who you are going to pass to with the first or 2nd touch.
    my aim is to be a successful 11 man club and I will be looking to bring in better players, so if your a striker looking for a trial still leave details or add me and I will take a look at you. One last thing before I go I like to have banter or hearing players ask for the ball so if you do have a mic, that would be a advantage but if not that's also ok.
    So if you would like a trial then please add me on psn:- leeinuk87 quote fifaforums with position you play. Or leave the following details below:- Psn:- Position:- Time zone:- Mic:- Vp rating:- Previous experience:- Age:-
    Thanks lee

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