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    Hi guys!

    I'm playing Pro Clubs again after a 4 months break.
    I'm an experienced player who already played for Nihon Stars, France XI (French Championship Winner in 2015), Galactic Soccer (French Championship Winner in 2014) and Samba United (French Championship Div 2 Winner in 2015).
    I've also been playing for the Belgian National team as RW and co-captain during WC.

    I currently am on the look for an already formed team which plays competitively but which knows how to stay chill when we're not in game. Being too serious about FIFA can really be a pain in the a** considering it remains, above all else, a game.

    My gamestyle is mostly a combination of one-two passes, through balls when there's space for it, keeping the ball when needed and being able to provoke the opponent by the wings.

    About me:
    • 26 years old
    • French dude living in Belgium
    • Talkative and fluent in english
    • Receptive to critics and able to take them
    You can contact me either here or via Origin: b3ckiii


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