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    Starting a new 11 man club, and are looking for players to complete the squad. Mainly looking for defensive players, but also some offensive roles are available.

    Playing times: Monday - Thursday 20 uk - 23 uk + weekends if enough players are available.

    Form: 4-3-3 control or 3-1-4-2

    - Possession based, and we want to control the matches by retain possession with quick passes.
    - High pressure, to win the ball back as quickly as possible

    Need good intelligent players, who are able to keep the ball in the team, and hit through passes at the right moment.

    The club will be active and well organized. To avoid making too many changes in the lineup we are looking to sign fulltime players. In other words you’ll have plenty of playing time if you are signed, and we will play you in your main position.

    You’ll need to have Skype, as all information will be posted there.

    PSN: iCatenaccio
    Skype: Andreas.Ugnutu
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