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    The official site has a Pro Clubs section but it's very basic, which is a bummer cause the game has a lot of information (some of them are shown only in the game menus and some only in the site).

    Pro Clubs Head tries to fill this gap, aggregating all this information in one place, having a easier navigation (every page has a unique url), favorite a club and a player for quick access, and more information that's not shown in the game nor the official site:

    Following is a quick rundown of the information and stats it has:
    • Current season progress
    • All seasons information
    • Last matches results
    • Ranking points information
    • Club information (stadium, world region, etc)
    • "Trophies room" with each trophy type listed separately

    • 10 last league and cup matches with:
      • Match stats (shots, passes, etc for each club)
      • Player stats (goals, shots, etc)

    • List of club players
    • Players ranked by attribute type (goals, assists, passes, etc) with more attributes than the official site (goals per game, shot success rate, red cards, etc)

    • Player attributes
    • Last 10 league and cup matches form

    DISCLAIMER - I'm one of the developers. We are open to suggestions and bug reports and would really appreciate if you can share the site with more players

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