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    Think you know the Premier League well enough to predict 1 Winner per week?

    It really is that simple, you pay £10 to enter the competition ONE OFF. select a fixture and choose the Team who you think will win. When they win you go through to the next round, bear in mind if your selected team lose or draw then you are out.

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    We get charged 10% to run the competition, 45% goes to UltimateFIFA which we will use for prizes for future competitions etc and 45% goes to The Last Man Standing - WINNER(S)

    The last man standing will take the prize money example:
    John picks Chelsea to beat Spurs. If Chelsea win he goes through, but he won’t be able to pick Chelsea again. Peter picks Villa to beat Arsenal, but it’s a draw so Peter is out. The competition continues until everyone goes out and the pot is split between the last remaining entrants, or 1 person remains — The “Last Man Standing”

    To make Life easy they also offer a Phone App so you can pick your winning fixture on the go!


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    Here are the rules:
    1. Pay your entry fee at week 1 — no need to pay again. Some of the fee goes to support the club or charity running the competition, and the rest goes into the pot to be won.
    2. Each week, simply pick a team playing a match that week – if your team wins, you go through; lose or draw and you’re out.
    3. You can only pick a team to win once in a competition, so be tactical about who you pick and when.
    4. All selections must be in before kick off of the first match — you can change your pick up to this deadline.
    5. Rounds of fixtures may take place on weekends or mid-week.
    6. If your team’s game is postponed you are automatically put through to the next round.
    7. If you forget to pick a team, you’ll automatically get the first team alphabetically that you’ve yet to pick.
    8. Last Man Standing continues until only one person remains and wins the pot. If two participants remain at the end, the pot is equally distributed; however, if more than two remain everyone goes through to the next round. If all remaining players lose their match in a round together, they all go through to the next round.

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    Legal Stuff
    1. The competition is open to people aged 18+ only
    2. RunLastMan Ltd employees cannot join competitions
    3. Only organizers as well as clubs and charities based in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom can currently run fundraisers on the site
    4. We cannot accept entries from the US or anyone with a US credit card due to licensing restrictions
    1. Participants are notified by email to inform them if they are through to the next round
    2. Participants may also be notified by Facebook and Twitter
    3. Please ensure the email address you provide is accurate as this is the principal means of communication
    4. If you are a winner you will be informed via email automatically, at the end of the round
    By entering this competition you will be contributing to helping us raise funds to offer Prizes for future competitions on UltimateFIFA Forums, Thanks very much!

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