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    Console: PC
    Club name: Pitch Slap
    Size of Club: 3
    Position(s) Wanted: Currently all positions are available
    Region: Europe
    Trial needed?: Yes
    Club style: Fun & Serious (We want to win and enjoy doing it)

    Additional Info:
    We are a newly formed slightly later night club usually 9pm+ we are players who have played together for a long time in the top leagues in various teams and decided to lay the foundation for our own club. We are looking for new players to join us in moving to the top leagues and will also be looking for managers in the long term to help us run the club if it becomes active. We want a relaxed atmosphere but also want to see effort to play well as a team from our members. Aside from that its all about the fun, that's where the winning comes from.

    If you feel you want to join us for a new change and think you are what we are looking for then please add A07K or Vanchatron on Origin to talk.
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