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    I'm going to be making a clan I'm thinking of playing the 3-5-2 however depending on who joins will decide on the formation

    I'm thinking about calling it temptation but open to changing it if someone has a better name

    My GT is WDW I Griezmann so message me on xbox

    Play Style: I'm looking for people who play a simple passing and possession game

    GK: A sold shot stopper who is good under pressure

    CB's: Good at Tackling and interception very good with the ball at there feet.

    DM's: one needs to sit and the other one pushes up also when defending one watches the runner and the other one closes the man down

    Wingers: play like wing backs so help defend but also help the attack

    CAM: Play killer through balls and also play the simple pass don't be afraid to beat the man

    ST's: Run in behind the defence but also go short when needed. don't be to greedy on the ball and also play one twos with other players

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