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    Console: PC
    Club name: Dictate The Game
    Size of Club: 1 ( For now, continue to read below)
    Position(s) Wanted: Everywhere (Mainly a joint manager)
    Region: UK (GMT)
    Trial needed?: Yes, however will be looking for an assistant to help set up.
    Club style: Competitive.
    Additional Info:

    Hi, I've simply decided that I no longer want to be just a member off a club and want to eventually start my own club. I've loved playing within a club however don't think that some decisions made were what I'd do and from then on It's always played on my mind that I've wanted to progress and make something of my own.

    I actually want to go into partnership with someone and would like to dual manage the club, that way two perspectives will be influenced into the club. This is something I want to look for first before further developing the club. I'm quite determined on a large squad with at least 6/7 members at any one time and gradually get larger however this is something me and the other joint manager.

    In terms of my actual personal playing style, I like to vary from a short simple passing game and dominate the key areas of the pitch. But then again I like to switch things up to a more direct game where passes are more deceive and will create more opportunities. Again, I can vary depending on the game but prefer a more simple game but still creating more chances throughout the game being patient. I usually play a more play making role as I like to 'dictate the game' hence the club name, I mainly play CAM,CDM or even out on either flanks as a wide play maker. I love to have the ball at my feet and spraying balls left, right and centre and changing the game.

    With regards to a joint manager, I am open to pretty much anyone who is willing to try things new, come up with a plan and someone who can motivate team members. Also someone who is loyal to the club as I really want to make an impact on FIFA as a club manager.

    I'm simply not sure what else to put however if you're interested in helping manage the club or interested in playing for us please contact me on Origin (as seen below.)

    I hope this is enough information for you to be intrigued by my ambitions and hopefully you can join me.

    Origin: iRyan-Brown

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