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    There is no better way in saying this but "We Are Back"

    Welcome to the new and improved Xbox Online FIFA Leagues, With us, you can take your gaming experience to the next level using our brand new slick and exciting features. Over the past few months, the original staff from the old website have got together and have all agreed that XOFL at its peak was the biggest and most active community on the Enjin platform so we decided to bring it back bigger and better than ever. That's not all, We are currently in talks with a major website builder and we predict over the next few months we will have a brand new fully automated/customised website for all to enjoy.

    We are an E-Simulation pro clubs site that plays on the Xbox One, We are a league that thrives on respect, The initial idea came along in 2014 (on the original site) when a few close mates wanted to play in a fair, competitive but fun league so that's where XOFL was born. The original site has been in the works since November 2014 which took allot of commitment and dedication to get it to the final number of 9,345 members before it closed down.

    You're probably asking yourself why now? why XOFL? Well... Imagine if you see your name in the headlights, scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup Final, Saving the penalty that sees your side win the World Cup first time or Playing in your first Champions League Final.

    Before you advance into the world of XOFL you will need to consider what you want from your online gaming experience, Do you want to play with your mates?, Do you want to win silverware? or do you just want to have fun and play in 11v11 competition?

    If you are like what you hear then make sure to register your account to XOFL and become an official XOFL member, Please be advised that account verification may take up to 1-3 hours. So please sit tight and let the staff member deal with your request.

    Here at XOFL we would like to label ourselves as "Your Home Of Online Gaming"

    On behalf of all the staff, we thank you for viewing the website, If you have any additional questions then why not message any of the members, I am sure they will be willing to help!


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