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    Oct 21, 2016
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    experienced player looking for a new home, I can play in many positions but I prefer somewhere in midfield preferably cdm or cm. I have played pro clubs since Fifa 13 and been in many division one clubs. Also played in the vpn league so have 11 man experience also. My pro is highly rated and I look to keep things simple when in possession of the ball which is quick 1/2 touch pass and move football trying to make myself available. I look to sit deep protecting the defence and stop the opponents or break up play. I will consider newly formed clubs as long as they are 11 man or play with a any and are regularly active and the potential is there. If interested then message me on psn:- leeinuk87, I am age 29 and from the U.K I can be online pretty much every night until early hours of morning

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