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    [​IMG] Looking for casual players!

    Console: PC
    Club name: Choco Factory
    Size of Club: 4 players
    Position(s) Wanted: Defence mainly, and midfield.
    Region: United Kingdom - Usually play from 6pm UK time, varying days.
    Club style: We respect each other! Its just a casual club and play when we can, when we want. Only time it will be serious is if we are challenged by another club. Current club members are friends of mine and have been for a while. Style of play is passing in particular and I don't mind some flair or runs every now and then (if your in a more forward position), so long as you make up for it.
    Additional Info: English speaking at least please. We use skype mainly to talk.

    To join our team you have to email [email protected] or add and message me on Origin (name is lankeydevil) and answer these questions.

    Origin name: (if emailed)
    Favourite positions:
    How frequently you can play:
    Country and language:

    If you do want to ask anything feel free too. I value all inputs from others and will try and work around what suits the team at the time.
    Don't forget, we are not a competitive team, just casual.

    We look forward to new team members.

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