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  1. anil kapoor
    Secondary: CF
    Primary: CDM - CB - CM - CAM - CF
  4. Iaanschool
  5. major ustice
  6. Coley
    Working on FIFA 18 things...... ;)
    Am soh happi 2 jion this fifa
  8. DrakeNova MUFC
    DrakeNova MUFC
    Free agent Xbox one FIFA 16/17
  9. imran maani
    imran maani
    What unquestionably are the parts of AndroNox?
  10. Lins sheikh
    Lins sheikh
    The correct approach to manage use Inteligen!
  11. Sether sheikh
    Sether sheikh
    Is it safe to take as frequently as could be allowed?
  12. huma sheikh
    huma sheikh
    Probiotics act by different frameworks
  13. gullu butt
    gullu butt
    Extraordinary minuscule life forms to your prosperity
  14. cameron wright
    cameron wright
    Creator cases and information
  15. Lee_lfc89
    Lee_lfc89 Coley
    Hi mate, are there any leagues still running for PS4? I managed FVPA Liverpool last season until it was decided that FVPA UK was no longer going to be running. Wouldn't mind starting a new club again if so.
  16. Realras1
    Realras1 UFHQ | Nidge
    this is y I stopped playin wit ye 1st time round cause I was always chasin lads to play ...gets kinda annoyin after awhile like this tourney should b finished, and again it was andy we were waitin on 2 play 2nd rnd game
  17. Realras1
    Realras1 UFHQ | Nidge
    .wasn't on and he mentioned bout playin clubs so he couldn't play....I don't give a f**k wat club he playin...every1 else can miss 1 game of clubs 2 play really like, same last competition had him in groups and took the while to get him.....
  18. Realras1
    Realras1 UFHQ | Nidge
    Well, can u get andy to pull the finger out plz, kinda dragging out abit now, told him I'd b on 2nite between 8 and 10 he msgs 10min to 8 askin did I mean 8pm as in 10min I said yes I'd b rdy in puttin kid 2 bed.....havnt heard bak 4rm him.....same tues nite I msged hum he said he'd play tues
  19. Maffooo
    Maffooo Paul Mac
    U available for a game 2nite between 7 an 11.30 2nite Hungary
  20. Fadel20
    Fadel20 joaxli
    Hi Joaxli,

    Im sam and a new member of VFPA and i wanne ask you if you could help met and my team to join a league or how i can qualify for one?
    Please let me know, im a serious fifa player who would like to grow in this origination.

    Kind regard