• FIFA Street 4 Own The Street

FIFA Street 4 – Own The Street

Welcome to the greatest pitch in the world. No grass. No chalk. No referees. There's only two stones, three steps and one goal. So, OWN THE STREETS.

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  • FIFA 11 Barcaboy

FIFA 11 “Brasilver Superheroes” Online Goals Compilation

On the back of bringing you the FIFA 11 - ComboBreaker by lilchav montage video we had to bring you this amazing BarcaBoy edit by XBR4Da.

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  • FIFA 12 TV Advert

FIFA 12 TV Ad – Love Football, Play Football

Check out the HIGH DEFINITION FIFA 12 TV Ad featuring the likes of Wayne Rooney, Gerard Piqué, Kaka and Karim Benzema. Have EA done enough to make the football gaming fan part with his hard earned cash?

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FIFA 12 First Impressions from Gamescom

FIFA 12 has finally been released to the public at Gamescom in Cologne.
Here's what they think of the game in this video from EAsportsfootball.

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FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer Breakdown by KSIOlajidebt

KSIOlajidebt gives us his FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer Breakdown in the only way he knows how: Hilariously!!!

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  • FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer

FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer

Have a look at the latest FIFA 12 Gamescom Trailer. Released to whet our appetite for the EA Press Conference that will follow shortly things are really starting to heat up in the FIFA 12 marketing department.

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  • FIFA 12 Motion Capture

FIFA 12 Motion Capture Session Video

Want to know how EA capture players images and motion for FIFA 12? Take a look at this motion capture session with Vancouver Whitecaps FC players, Camilo Sanvezzo and Davide Chiumiento.

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  • FIFA Pro Clubs Roundup July

FIFA Pro Clubs Roundup July

I cover some of the things I took away from my trip to EA, Guildford and how I think gameplay will effect FIFA 12 Pro Clubs.
Check out the video...

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MattHDGamer: FIFA 12 Screenshots Video

MattHDGamer brings together all of the latest FIFA 12 screenshots in his own unique way. Watch the video inside...

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  • Road To Dollars - Virgin Gaming

DrizzyJames Presents Road To Dollars – Episode One

DrizzyJames's latest series sees him enter the world of in a bid to earn some real coins whilst playing FIFA 11.
Join him to find out if he strikes it rich or loses it all!

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  • FIFA 12 Gameplay Video

FIFA 12 Gameplay Video

Take a look at the first FIFA 12 footage around as Wes Knight from the Vancouver Whitecaps takes on Micah Richards of Man City in a game of FIFA 12.
Check out the video here.

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  • Bateson87 Ultimate Team Series

Bateson’s Latest Ultimate Team Series

Check out Bateson's latest FIFA11 Ultimate Team Series fresh from Youtube. Keep an eye out for his trademark Alternative Chip Shot...
4 videos inside.

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UltimateFIFA Ultimate Team Medley

We've been neglecting our FIFA YouTube Channnel recently so I put together a quick medley of some of my team Ultimate Team goals.
Check out the video...

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FIFA 12 Q&A | Core Gameplay

David Rutter answers your questions about the core gameplay features in FIFA 12.
Check out the FIFA 12 Q&A video here...

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FIFA 12 | My Stories

Rooney, Kaka, Pique, Soskjaer, Ochocinco, Benzema and others talk about FIFA and what it means to them. What does FIFA mean to you?
Watch the video and let us know!

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FIFA 12 | Producer Video: Aerial Threat

FIFA 12 Gameplay Producer Santiago Jaramillo talks about improved decision making for CPU players and how this affects heading opportunities.
Check out the video here...

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