• FIFA 13 FUT Menus

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Screenshots

Ultimate Team has had a facelift and the new menus and screens in the web app and on the console version look very slick indeed.
The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team screenshots show the "sectioned" menu system on the console which looks a lot more intuitive and wouldn't go amiss with some Kinect interactivity.

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  • FIFA 13 Screenshot Terry

FIFA 13 Screenshots From Gamescom

No sooner do EA unveil their fantastic FIFA 13 Gamescom Trailer to us, they then spoil our eyes with these amazing FIFA 13 screenshots too!
The graphics look to have been tweaked slightly but the lighting really stands out giving a more vivid and more vibrant atmosphere to the FIFA 13 images.

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  • FIFA 13 Screenshots

NEW FIFA 13 Screenshots

EA SPORTS have released more delicious FIFA 13 screenshots to bolster our opinions of their pending FIFA 13 release.
The screenshots highlight yet more advances in the graphics and fine detail which will no doubt add to the realism EA are trying to achieve in their FIFA series.

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  • UEFA EURO 2012 Screenshots

UEFA EURO 2012 Screenshots

Hot on the heels of the UEFA EURO 2012 DLC announcement comes the first UEFA EURO 2012 Screenshots from EA SPORTS.
Check out all of the glitzy pics in our screenshot gallery.

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  • FIFA Street Messi Low Shot Backwards

FIFA Street: Messi Pre Order Offer

EA SPORTS have announced that there will be a FIFA Street Pre-Order Bonus that looks as though it’s going to be too good to miss for most of us!

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  • Official FIFA Street Cover

Official FIFA Street Cover

So, the FIFA Street Cover has finally been unveiled and Lionel Messi is gracing it with his presence. What do you think?

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  • FIFA Street New York stadium

New FIFA Street Screenshots

Great new FIFA Street Screenshots have been release by EASPORTSFIFA. The screenshots show match footage, grounds, stadiums and even in game menu shots.

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  • FIFA Series Graphics Comparison

FIFA Series Graphics Comparison

As the FIFA 12 screenshot of Samir Nasri scoring his first goal for Manchester City gets a mixed reception, Spike Chapman shows us that the graphics have come an awful long way in the FIFA series.

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  • Samir Nasri Man City FIFA 12

Nasri Scores His First Goal for Man City

On the day Manchester City welcome Samir Nasri to the club, partners EA SPORTS have put together this commemorative image of a virtual Nasri scoring his first goal.

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  • FIFA 12 UltimateTeam

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Screenshot

Wondering what your Ultimate Team cards are going to look like in FIFA 12? Check out the latest screenshot released EA SPORTS at Gamescom.

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  • FIFA 12 WII Screenshots

FIFA 12 Wii Screenshots

There've been some pretty cool features introduced to FIFA 12 on the Wii this year. Whilst they might not suit everyone they certainly look like a shed load of fun and might even convince me to buy FIFA 12 on the Wii this year...

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MattHDGamer: FIFA 12 Screenshots Video

MattHDGamer brings together all of the latest FIFA 12 screenshots in his own unique way. Watch the video inside...

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First FIFA12 Screenshot Revealed! (With Comparisons)

The wait is over! EA have released their eagerly anticipated first FIFA12 screenshot on their EASportsFIFA Facebook Page. See it here!

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FIFA 12 First Screenshot Details

EA Sports released this teaser video this morning announcing details of the first FIFA12 screenshot. You can watch the video here...

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