More Bugs Fixed As A New February FIFA 13 Patch Is Released

FIFA 13's broken records and won plenty of awards but it's not been without it's flaws. It's been in the spotlight a few times already for bugs and issues. EA Sports shows that it's not just concentrating on the next generation of FIFA though and it's still committed to trying to provide the best experience it can for current FIFA 13 players by releasing another patch for the game. The patch is already available to download for PC players and will be released on both PS3 and Xbox consoles in the coming days.

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All The Details Of The 3rd FIFA 13 Major Update

Reiterating their promises in their recent letter to BBC's Watchdog, EA SPORTS have released another FIFA 13 major update all the details of which can be found below.
The FIFA 13 patch is live and availabe to download for PC players but PS3 and Xbox 360 console players will have to wait a little longer due to EA SPORTS needed to role out console updates via Sony and Microsoft respectively.

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New FIFA 12 Ultimate Team and EAS FC Update

All the details of the new FIFA 12 Ultimate Team and EASPORTS Football Club update that's on the way.
Also, compensation details for some PS3 and PC players.

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New FIFA 12 Patch Details

A huge, new FIFA 12 patch is due today, 10th November, for Xbox and PS3 users which will hopefully sort out some of the niggling issues some of us have been experiencing with an otherwise great football sim.

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FIFA11: New Patch Release Date Announced!

EA Have announced that the latest patch to fix the "Trigger Glitch" as well as Ultimate Team issues will be released on ...

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FIFA 11 Patch – Details and Release Date Announced!

In a post on the EA Forum the the Football Live Team have today announced that the release dates for the patches for both Xbox 360 and PS3 will be November 12th. Continue reading for more details of what's been addressed.

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Fifa Clubs – Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs…

Everyone must be aware of the issues EA are having with Fifa Pro Clubs since the move to Fifa 11. This is my first update in a series that will keep you updated with the latest goings on.

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