PROSPECTIVE 2.0 FIFA 12: Article 1

Hey all and welcome to the new season of Prospective, here to bring you all the insights, experiences and tips from a FIFA veterans virtual pro career now into his third year with the soon to be released FIFA 12.

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  • FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Stadium Stats

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Stadium Stats

Below is the list of stadiums (or stadia if you'd rather) to be included in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team including their rating, capacity and the boost they'll give your Ultimate Team.

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FIFA 12 – E3 Gameplay Innovations Interview

We continue our FIFA 12 information blowout with an interview from David Rutter (FIFA Line Producer) courtesy of
Check out the video...

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FIFA 12 – E3 EA Football Club Reveal

EA offer us what they believe will further ignite the fans passion for the game and bring them closer to the sport they love.
Check out the video here...

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FIFA 12 – E3 Gameplay Trailer

Here it is fresh from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, the FIFA 12 gameplay features trailer.

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FIFA 12 – Impact Engine Video

Here's the official video showing a small glimpse of what FIFA 12's latest tweak to the series has in store.

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Official EA FIFA12 Forum is Open

EA have now opened up their new Official EA FIFA12 Forum. Well, it’s actually just one section in their existing forum entitled "Intitial Discussion". Find out more...

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First FIFA12 Screenshot Revealed! (With Comparisons)

The wait is over! EA have released their eagerly anticipated first FIFA12 screenshot on their EASportsFIFA Facebook Page. See it here!

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FIFA 12 First Screenshot Details

EA Sports released this teaser video this morning announcing details of the first FIFA12 screenshot. You can watch the video here...

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