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  • FUT TOTW 6th February

FUT TOTW 6th February – Why Always Me?

By | February 6th, 2013|Ultimate Team|

The pick of this weeks FUT TOTW (6th Feb) features Milan's Mario Balotelli who after scoring twice on his debut for his new club at the weekend finds himself at the centre of attention again as AC Milan's Vice President Paulo Berlusconi Jnr whips up a racism storm calling their new signing 'the family's little n*****'

  • How To Lose Your Marker FIFA 13

How To Lose Your Marker in FIFA 13

By | February 6th, 2013|FIFA 19 Tips and Tutorials, Videos|

Sometimes a couple of yards of space is all you need in FIFA 13 to create a goal scoring chance or gain the upper hand on your opponent but against containing defenders sometimes a couple of yards of space isn’t that easy to come by. Darren Cross from Match magazine comes to The Boot Room again, this time to show us how he loses markers in FIFA 13 and creates that all important space on the pitch.

  • FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Youth Players

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Youth Players Added To FUT Marketplace

By | February 5th, 2013|News, Ultimate Team|

Good news for hardcore Ultimate Team fans. EA Sports have released a new set of Ultimate Team Youth Players into the FUT marketplace. The youth players released reside in several leagues but the majority of them ply their trade in the Barclays Premiership. Notable players include Andre Wisdom, Liverpool’s promising young right back who broke into the first team this year and Milan’s striker M’Baye Niang who’s been touted as the next Balotelli regarding his exploits in his personal life.

  • KSI Breaks FIFA World Record

KSI Breaks FIFA World Record! Can You Beat It?

By | February 2nd, 2013|News|

This week on GWRomg, internationally renowned, funny, black man, KSIOlajidebt attempted to break the world record for the largest score margin against the AI in one match of FIFA 13.
KSI (as he's known to his army of fans mainly due to his ridiculously difficult to pronounce full alias) had to score at least 110 goals in front of an extremely tastefully dressed judge in order to qualify for Guinness World Record Title.
The rules were completely open so KSI could pick any difficulty, any teams, any match length and also adjust in game sliders.
So did KSI break the Guinness World record or did he come up short? Forget you've already read the title to this post and watch the video to find out!

  • Fastest Players In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Top 50 Fastest Players In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

By | January 28th, 2013|Ultimate Team|

Following on from and in stark contrast to our pace revolution series we know that there's plenty of you Ultimate Team players out there that love to use fast players. And why wouldn't you? They arguably get you the quickest results! (Pardon the pun...)
Well, these guys are the fastest players in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.
Whether you play a quick counter attacking style going forward or want to counteract you opponents fastest players in defence, these are the players that will get the job done.
This list is all about raw, unadulterated pace. No frills, no bells and certainly no whistles, just blisteringly fast players that are usually viewed from behind through a wake of dust.
This list contains all versions of the player including In Form and Team Of The Year players.

  • Using The Right Thumbstick In FIFA 13

When And How To Use The Right Thumbstick In FIFA 13

By | January 23rd, 2013|FIFA 19 Tips and Tutorials, Videos|

Match Magazine's Darren Cross talks FIFA 13 tactics once again with Matt Cuttle in another episode of The Boot Room.
This time it's all about taking your thumb off the buttons and using the right thumbstick.
The right thumbstick is mainly associated with skills but when used without the left trigger can turn your first touch into a stroke of genius.
Using the left thumbstick can take you past defenders, create time and space and also be used to beat goalkeepers.
Check out the FIFA 13 Tactics video to find out how and when to use it.

  • EA Vancouver

Does FIFA Really Have Any Competitors And What Does That Mean For You?

By | January 21st, 2013|News|

It's no doubt that FIFA 13 is an amazing game. But who's out there that's going to push it to it's limits? In a year that could see us move into the next generation of gaming we look to see if FIFA really does have any competitors out there to take it to the next level.

  • TwoSync The FIFA 13 Song

The FIFA 13 Song By TwoSync

By | January 12th, 2013|Videos|

When I first listened to The FIFA 13 Song it was as though the lyrics had been taken straight from my head. FIFA's a game that makes emotions run high and that what makes it great but can also make it frustrating as hell.
The song's produced by TwoSync. You'll know them better as Chris, RaiderGames and Mat, iDuel2010 and in their own words:
We are two brothers who enjoy making music and videos together. What is our aim? To entertain as many people as possible. We write our music and make our videos solely out of our own enjoyment, and love to interact with people who enjoy watching them.

  • KSI vs RIO

KSI vs Rio Ferdinand FIFA 13 Showdown!

By | January 8th, 2013|News, Videos|

Back in 2010 when JJ Olajide started making FIFA tricks and skills videos under the pseudonym @KSIOlajidebt I said to my wife,
"If this kid plays his cards right, one day he'll get to play FIFA against Rio Ferdinand wearing a purple, velour pimp suit".
Despite my wife’s disdain, low and behold the prophesy came true and KSI did indeed meet Rio Ferdinand for an intense FIFA 13 duel.

  • FIFPro World XI 2012

FIFA 13 TOTY Details and Upgraded Ratings

By | January 8th, 2013|News, Ultimate Team|

The FIFA 13 TOTY is finally available in packs and you can check out the upgraded ratings and dates they are in packs below.
The FIFA/FIFPro World XI for 2012 was voted for by over 50,000 FIFPro professional players and the winners were announced during a glitzy awards ceremony yesterday.
The following players made 2012's World XI and will also for FIFA 13's TOTY (Team of the Year) meaning you'll be able to get your hands on greatly updgraded in form versions of the players (if you're lucky enough or and Ultimate Team high roller!)
We'll update the ratings and times as they become available but we expect defenders, midfielders and forwards to be available in packs for 2 days at a time.

  • FIFA 13 Team Of The Year

Who Will Make The FIFA 13 Team Of The Year?

By | January 7th, 2013|News, Ultimate Team|

The Ballon d’Or ceremony is tonight and that means that the most exciting in form players all year will be released on Ultimate Team in the form of the FIFA 13 Team Of The Year (TOTY).
EA Sports FIFA’s frontman Lionel Messi is favourite to pick up the Ballon d’Or award for a record forth year in a row with Barcelona team-mate Iniesta and Real Madrid’s Ronaldo close behind.
It’s the FIFA World XI that we’re all really interested though as each of the players chosen will receive their highest rated in form Ultimate Team card to date and not only be a beast on the pitch but also worth a fortune in the transfer market!

  • Fifa 13 Tips Complete Dribbling

8 Fundamental FIFA 13 Tips To Make You A Better Player Today

By | January 3rd, 2013|FIFA 19 Tips and Tutorials|

Christmas has been and gone and the New Year brings new players to the FIFA scene so I thought I'd start the new year by going back to basics and listing 8 fundamental FIFA 13 tips that will instantly up your game if you're not doing them already.
Applying these FIFA 13 tips is probably the easiest way to improve your play.

FIFA 13 “Playbook 2” By Marius Hjerpseth

By | December 21st, 2012|News, Videos|

Marius Hjerpseth has raised the FIFA montage video bar once again with his incredible FIFA 13 "Playbook 2" Goals Compilation. And this time he's raised it sky high!
Marius mixes some awesome skills with some ingenious editing to come up with one of the best FIFA videos we've seen for a very long time.

  • Christmas Ultimate Team Offers

Christmas Ultimate Team #FUTmas Offers and Daily Gifts

By | December 21st, 2012|News, Ultimate Team|

Over the Christmas period, until the 2nd January 2013, you'll be presented with a new "Happy Hour" like Christmas offer in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.
These offers will last for 24 hours and will be refreshed daily at midnight (UK time).
The offers will be similar to the ones offered at FUT Happy Hour and will include things like All Player Silver Packs, Jumbo Gold Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs.
We'll certainly be keeping a close eye on the offers to see how creative EA SPORTS can be as each day and each new offer goes by.

  • FIFA 13 Android App

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Android App Now Available To Download

By | December 20th, 2012|News, Ultimate Team|

After being in the shadows of their iPhone using peers, Android users have long awaited the release of the EA SPORTS Football Club Android app.
The wait is finally over as the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Android app has hit the Google Play Store.

  • Garreth Reeder EA

EA SPORTS FIFA Producer Garreth Reeder Interview With

By | December 18th, 2012|News|

EA SPORTS™ FIFA online producer Garreth Reeder spoke to recently about what inspires the team to deliver new and exciting changes to FIFA each year and where they get their ideas from for improvements and new features year after year.
Garreth talks about how valuable the feedback they get from the top players is, how quickly they adapt to new games.
He also mentions how the more accessible and fun format of the FIWC will enable the best players to rise to the top.

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