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  • FIFA 11 Case

Look Back At FIFA 11 As Online Servers To Be Shut Down

On 11th January 2013 the FIFA 11 online servers will be shut down for good. EA retire the online services of games when the number of players is fewer than 1% of all peak online players across all EA titles.
FIFA 11 brought us Personality Plus (where stars took on the emotions and mannerisms of their real life counterparts), a revamped Career Mode that let us play as just your Pro, as a manager or as player manager, Creation Centre and co-op celebrations.
It was also the first FIFA that let you play "Be A Goalie" allowing for true 11 vs 11 gameplay in Pro Clubs. (Some argue even today that FIFA 11 was still the most enjoyable FIFA for Pro Clubs).

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I just put this video together to say farewell to FIFA 11 and Viva FIFA 12!
The footage is from Paradox (FIFA 11 Pro Club).

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  • Virgin Gaming Play FIFA for Cash

FIFADrizzy Road to Dollars Episode 9 “Overcoming the Loss”

Still reeling from defeat in Episode 8, DrizzyJames' steps back on the pitch and continues his quest to earn $100 on

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  • FIFA 11 Barcaboy

FIFA 11 “Brasilver Superheroes” Online Goals Compilation

On the back of bringing you the FIFA 11 - ComboBreaker by lilchav montage video we had to bring you this amazing BarcaBoy edit by XBR4Da.

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  • FIFA 11 Combobreaker

FIFA 11 – COMBOBREAKER by lilchav

FIFA 11 - Combobreaker, expertly edited by lilchav for Goaltastics brings us an original comic book feel on top of some quality FIFA 11 gameplay.

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  • FIFADrizzy Virgin Gaming FIFA 11 Road to Dollars

FIFADrizzy’s FIFA 11 Road to Dollars – Ep 8 “LOST?”

DrizzyJames has yet to lose on his way towards $100 on Surely this run can't continue for much longer... Can it???

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  • FIFA Series Graphics Comparison

FIFA Series Graphics Comparison

As the FIFA 12 screenshot of Samir Nasri scoring his first goal for Manchester City gets a mixed reception, Spike Chapman shows us that the graphics have come an awful long way in the FIFA series.

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  • Virgin Gaming

FIFADrizzy Road to Dollars Episode 5 “Half Way to Glory”

DrizzyJames AKA FIFADrizzy continues his adventure towards $100 on Watch Episode Five to see if he continues his rich vein of form.

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  • Virgin Gaming Road to Dollars by FIFADrizzy

VirginGaming Road to Dollars – Episode Four (Didn’t Count “WTF?”)

DrizzyJames (aka FIFADrizzy) fits a couple of games into this episode of his amazing series, "Road to Dollars" but it didn't all go according to plan!
Watch the video to find out why!

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  • FIFA 11 Glitched Pros

Bet You Can’t Spot The Glitched Pros

Playing FIFA 11 Pro Clubs the other night and couldn't tell for certain but we may have come across Glitched Virtual Pros.
See if you can spot them in this video!!!

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  • Ultimate Team Guide Part Two

Ultimate Team Guide – Part 2 – Your Playing Style

Welcome to the second instalment of Brad Harper's Ultimate Team Guide. This time he talks about your playing style and how to get to that all important 15K.

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  • Virgin Gaming Road to Dollars 3

VirginGaming Road to Dollars – Episode Three “Realmadriditus”

Catch up with Episode Three; DrizzyJames' latest instalment of his great "Road to Dollars" series.
Watch the video here...

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  • FIFA Pro Clubs Roundup July

FIFA Pro Clubs Roundup July

I cover some of the things I took away from my trip to EA, Guildford and how I think gameplay will effect FIFA 12 Pro Clubs.
Check out the video...

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  • Road To Dollars Episode Two

DrizzyJames Presents Road To Dollars – Episode Two

After winning the match in his first video in the "Road to Dollars" series, Drizzy moves on to his second test on the way ro achieving his $100 goal through

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One Mans Journey on FIFA

XI Delta uses his own experience to take us through the evolution of the FIFA Series.
Follow his Journey here...

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  • Road To Dollars - Virgin Gaming

DrizzyJames Presents Road To Dollars – Episode One

DrizzyJames's latest series sees him enter the world of in a bid to earn some real coins whilst playing FIFA 11.
Join him to find out if he strikes it rich or loses it all!

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