• FIFA 17 Set Pieces System - Complete Rewrite

New FIFA 17 Set Pieces System – Completely Rewritten

The Set Piece system in FIFA 17 has been completely rewritten giving us more options and greater accuracy. Here's what you can do in FIFA 17.

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  • FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

How Will The Frostbite Engine Affect FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 has been announced and the big news is it will be using the Frostbite Engine. But what exactly does Frostbite mean for FIFA 17?

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  • FIFA 17 The Journey Alex Hunter

FIFA 17 The Journey – Who Is Alex Hunter?

FIFA 17 The Journey is EA's new story mode but who is Alex Hunter? Here's the lowdown on Alex and what to expect in The Journey.

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  • FIFA 17 Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 17 Official Gameplay Trailer

We're treated to the first glimpses of the new Frostbite Engine in the FIFA 17 Official Gameplay Trailer and it's looking sharp. James Rodriguez, Eden [...]

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Welcome to Your Ultimate FIFA HQ

If you’ve got the vision, we’ve got the finish! We are very excited to bring you your brand new FIFA gaming experience built by real FIFA fans to take your FIFA gaming to the next level @ Your Ultimate FIFA HQ. […]

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  • UltimateFIFA FIFA 16 Forums

UltimateFIFA FIFA Forums go LIVE!

Introducing the brand spanking new UltimateFIFA Forums. After many years of deliberation we’ve decided now is the right time to add FIFA forums to UltimateFIFA in order [...]

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Final Whistle for FIFA Pro Clubs Forum FVPA UK

FIFA Pro Clubs forum FVPA UK will close its doors after 6 years dedicated service to the pro clubs community. The FIFA Virtual Pro Association (FVPA) [...]

By | January 15th, 2016|News, Pro Clubs|1 Comment
  • Messi Not FIFA 17 Cover Star

Messi will NOT be the FIFA 17 Cover Star? Don’t Believe The Hype!

According to most of the world’s press the best footballer in the world right now might be about to deal a big blow to EA [...]

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  • Gfinity FIFA 16 Play Like a Legend

Gfinity FIFA 16 Play Like a Legend Championship 2016 Details

The Gfinity FIFA 16 Play Like a Legend Championship has been announced and will take place between February and May 2016. Microsoft Xbox have chosen [...]

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Full FUT 16 TOTY Details – FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Of The Year

FUT 16 TOTY is here! All the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team of the Year details including player stats and when they'll be available in packs.

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  • Can't Find a Game on FIFA 16

Can’t Find a Game of FUT on FIFA 16? Give This a Try. [Xbox One fix]

A lot of people have reported that they can't find a game in FUT on FIFA 16. Here's the simple fix.

By | January 11th, 2016|News, Ultimate Team|12 Comments
  • FIFA 16 Rabona Free Kick

FIFA 16 Rabona Free Kick Tutorial

Ever wondered how you perform a direct Rabona set piece? This FIFA 16 Rabona Free Kick Tutorial shows you step by step which players to use [...]

By | October 17th, 2015|Tips and Tutorials|1 Comment
  • FUT 16 Price Ranges Are Wider

The App Is Back! FUT 16 Web App and Mobile Apps Open Early

The FUT 16 web app and mobile companion apps open their doors on 17th September for returning FIFA players to get a head start in [...]

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  • FIWC on Xbox One

FIWC 2016 on Xbox One

Xboners rejoice! In FIFA 16 the FIWC 2016 is on Xbox One. Xbox One players can finally compete in the FIFA Interactive World Cup, a competition previously limited to PlayStation gamers.

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  • New FIFA 16 Skill Moves - Combos Tutorial

New FIFA 16 Skill Moves Tutorial – 7 Combos to Master

Skill moves on FIFA 16 might well have a lower success rate in game but get them right and you'll bag a first class ticket for the [...]

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  • FIFA 16 Pro Club Hub

FIFA16 Pro Clubs Changes – Inside Look

this is FIFA 16 Pro Clubs content from the closed BETA that was held last week which only a select few got to take part in. We are lucky enough to be able to share some of the new content early on.

By | August 27th, 2015|News, Pro Clubs|12 Comments
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