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Our Events Portfolio

UltimateFIFA HQ is a collaboration of FIFA Community experts from Sweetpatch.tv, UltimateFIFA and The FVPA who over the past 17 years have been involved in many LAN events, organised massive multiplayer events online, collected information and feedback to pass on to EA Sports and even been to Canada to try out the latest build. Please take a look below at our extensive event portfolio.

“David is an extremely professional and hard working individual and will stop at nothing to make sure that the client has the best service possible. When ever I have used David for events I am always comfortable that the job will get down to the highest standard and I have no need to worry. I highly recommend David!”

Michael Lambert – Event Operations Manager at Multiplay

“David is an incredibly meticulous planner and always gives great results. He has run the FIFA 13 Professional tournaments at Insomnia Gaming Festival for many years now, and he is always reliable and gives 100%. He is well respected in the FIFA competitive community and would be an asset to anyone that would use his services.”

Matthew Macdonald – Esports Operations Manager at Multiplay

“Dave has contributed a huge amount time and effort into Multiplay and Insomnia Gaming Festival, he is a fantastic team player and willing to take on any task given whilst always striving for quality. He has become a great asset to our events team and has always delivered a high quality and personable service to ourselves and our customers.”

Alexis Trust – Marketing Specialist at Tokyo Digital

EventDateHostGamePlayersPrize FundTypeConsole
FWCC 2015Jan-15iFVPAFIFA 154,000+Bragging RightsONLINEXB1, PS4, PC
epic.TWELVEFeb-14ESLFIFA 1444£500LANXB360
#MadCatzUnveiledSep-13Mad CatzFIFA 1438Mad Catz gearLANXB360
insomnia49 (i49)Aug-13MultiplayFIFA 1398WCG Grand Final Qualifier, £1,400LANXB360
European Gaming League 10 (EGL10)Aug-13EGLFIFA 1361£1,000LANXB360
Insomnia48 (i48)Mar-13MultiplayFIFA 1366£1,000LANXB360
European Gaming League 9 (EGL9)Mar-13EGLFIFA 1381£1,000LANXB360
Insomnia47 (i47)Nov-12MultiplayFIFA 13118£1,200LANXB360
European Gaming League 8 (EGL8)Oct-12EGLFIFA 1355TBCLANXB360
Eurogamer WCGSep-12MultiplayFIFA 1248WCG Grand Final QualifierLANPC
Insomnia46 (i46)Aug-12MultiplayFIFA 1289WCG UK Qualifier & £1,000LANXB360, PC
Insomnia45 (i45)May-12MultiplayFIFA 1224£520LANXB360
Insomnia44 (i44)Nov-11MultiplayFIFA 1216TBCLANXB360
European Gaming League 4 (EGL4)Oct-11EGLFIFA 1234£1,200LANXB360
Eurogamer Expo 2011
Sep-11MultiplayFIFA 11158WCG Grand Final QualifierLANPC
Insomnia43 (i43)Aug-11MultiplayFIFA 11147WCG Qualifiers & £400LANXB360, PC
European Console League 3 (ECL3)Jul-11ECLFIFA 1116£1,000LANXB360
Insomnia42 (i42)Apr-11MultiplayFIFA 1140£1,000LANXB360
Insomnia40 (i40)Aug-10MultiplayFIFA 1025TBCLANXB360, PC
European Console League 1 (ECL1)Jul-10ECLFIFA 1016£2,500LANXB360
insomnia38 (i38)Nov-09MultiplayFIFA 1032£1,000LANXB360
insomnia37 (i37)Aug-09MultiplayFIFA 0932£10,000LANXB360, PC
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