FIFA 14 Early Release Freezing Issue [Updated with temporary fix]

A FIFA release wouldn't be the same without a few issues. This year many EA SPORTS Season Ticket holders (including myself) have been complaining of a FIFA 14 Early Release freezing issue that causes your console to lock up at frequent intervals whilst trying to play the game.

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  • FIFA 14 TV Commercial

Full FIFA 14 TV Advert

Watch the full FIFA 14 Advert featuring a whole host of football stars including Lionel Messi, Tim Cahill, Stephan El Shaarawy and Robert Lewandowski to name just a few.

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  • FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Early Access

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Early Access Date Revealed

EA SPORTS have announced that the web app for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be available from 15th September 2013. Early access means you can get ahead of the game, start making coins and building your squads ready for FIFA 14's release later in the month.

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  • 4-3-2-1 (2)

New FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Formations Breakdown and Analysis

Tired of playing the same formations in FUT? Great news! There'll be 9 new formations introduced to Ultimate Team in FIFA 14 enabling you to take your tactical game to the next level.

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  • FIFA 14 Walkthrough

FIFA 14 Walkthrough Preview from Gamescom

IGN caught up with FUT producer, Marcel Kuhn at Gamescom 2013 and got an exclusive walkthrough of some of the new features of FIFA 14. During the walkthrough, Marcel shows us some game footage from FIFA 14 on the new Xbox ONE going straight in through the new slick menu screens and into the new skill games that'll keep us entertained during the match loading sequences. On top of that we're treated to some gameplay footage featuring pro player intelligence and true player motion as Marcel gets taught a lesson by the FIFA 14 AI.

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  • FIFA 14 FUT Legends Players

FUT Legends Only Available On Xbox

In FIFA 14 FUT you’ll be able to combine your favourite football legends of yesteryear alongside your favourite players in today’s game but only on Xbox 360 or Xbox ONE. Back at E3 EA SPORTS announced it’s partnership with Xbox and revealed that Xbox FIFA players would receive some FIFA 14 Xbox exclusive content. We’ve now found out that 39 FUT Legend players will be available for Xbox players including some of the greatest players ever to grace the game. Not only that, if you pre order an Xbox ONE you’ll receive FIFA 14 for free!

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  • Gareth Bale FIFA 14 Motion Capture

FIFA 14 Pure Shot and Ball Physics Trailer: Unleash the Perfect Strike

In this latest Pure Shot and Ball Physics trailer, Lead Game Producer, Aaron McHardy and Gameplay Producer, Kantcho Doskov show us what's in store in FIFA 14 to enable us to unleash "The Perfect Strike"! 622BBMCWYWET

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  • Transfer Ultimate Team from PS3 to PS4

Shrewd move by EA as your Ultimate Team WILL be Accessible on both Old and New Gen Consoles

If you buy FIFA 14 on the current generation of consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) and the next generation of consoles (Xbox ONE and PS4) [...]

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  • New FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Information

Exciting New FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Information

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team information is finally here and FUT’s had a facelift! Ultimate Team has been around for nearly five years but it hasn’t change a great deal in that time. The formula obviously worked because in that time it’s amassed a loyal following over three million players it but no-one will argue it was crying out for freshening up. Read on for details on new cards, features and a major FUT chemistry change.

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  • FIFA 14 at E3

FIFA 14 at E3: The Next Generation of FIFA

Watch the full EA press conference including details regarding next generation FIFA 14 at E3. Does FIFA 14 on the Xbox One and PS4 take virtual football to the next level or is it more of the same? Let us know what you think!

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  • FIFA 14 Release Date

Official FIFA 14 Release Dates and Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 14 is still nearly four months away but EA have released this gameplay trailer, more information about the key features that are being introduced and the official FIFA 14 release dates for both Europe and the US. US residents will be able to get their hands on the game slightly earlier this year on 24th September whilst their Europe dwelling counterparts will have to wait until 27th September 2013.

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  • FIFA 14 Xbox One PS4

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Will NOT Be Exclusive to Xbox One

You've probably seen the messages around various social media streams, "Ultimate Team is only available on Xbox ONE!" To alleviate any doubt in your mind we can tell you that this IS NOT TRUE. EA have confirmed that like previous years Ultimate Team will be available on PS4, PC and Xbox One (as well as Xbox 360 and PS3).

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Will EA SPORTS’ New Engine IGNITE FIFA 14 or Fizzle Out?

The Xbox One Reveal last week exposed more than just Microsoft’s all singing, all dancing, living room in a box. It also brought us news that EA has developed EA SPORTS IGNITE, their new engine that will make their games “come alive”!

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  • EA Online Pass

Life After EA’s Online Pass: What’s Next?

EA have announced that they've scrapped their online pass. Going forward you’ll no longer need to use the extra code to play your games online. But what else have they got in store?

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  • Joey Barton Ultimate Team Card Sold For 15 Million Coins

Joey Barton’s Record Breaking Ultimate Team Card Sale

Last night Ultimate Team players got a shock when a when an unusual, light blue card cropped up in their player searches. Joey Barton's personal ramped up Ultimate Team card had been listed for sale for a starting price of 5,583,000 coins.

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  • FIFA 14 Man Marking Testbed

More FIFA 14 Team-Mate Intelligence Details Revealed

Following the initial FIFA 14 reveal, EA have released some more details regarding how your AI team-mate intelligence will effect your play.

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