• FIFA 13 Contain Defending

The Contain Defending Debate – FIFA 13 And Beyond

By | May 19th, 2012|Uncategorized|

Apart from the ground breaking impact engine, this was one of the boldest changes to the FIFA series in a long time.
It’s been welcomed and scorned in pretty much equal measure and it’s the most talked about feature on FIFA.
Everyone’s got an opinion about Contain Defending!

  • UEFA Euro 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 License Rumours? [EDITED]

By | March 28th, 2012|Uncategorized|

The release of a UEFA Euro 2012 game by EA SPORTS was thought to be unlikely as Double Helix Games, Warner Bros gain the game rights to the tournament.
Read more about the license details.

  • FIFA 12 My Challenges

How to play FIFA 12 My Challenges

By | November 5th, 2011|Uncategorized|

Every time we feature a FIFA 12 My Challenge on UltimateFIFA.com we get loads of e-mails and tweets asking, "How do I play My Challenges???" This is how to find them...

  • FIFA 12 Statistics by E-Mail

FIFA 12 Match Reports E-mailed To You

By | October 19th, 2011|Uncategorized|

Did you know that you can get FIFA 12 Match Reports e-mailed to you every time you play a match? No? We'll show you how!

  • FIFA 12 Pro Clubs Tips with Foregone

Coley’s Playbook: FIFA Pro Clubs Tips with Foregone

By | October 15th, 2011|Uncategorized|

Coley's Playbook: FIFA 12 gameplay tips and tutorials from the best players and Pro Clubs on FIFA 12.
In this episode: FIFA Pro Clubs with Foregone!

  • FIFA 12 Gamercards

FIFA 12 Gamercards Available Now for Forum Signatures

By | October 12th, 2011|Uncategorized|

Get your Gamercard now and proudly show off your FIFA 12 Stats to friends (and Rivals)!

  • FIFA 12 My Challenge

FIFA 12 My Challenge: Win the North London Derby By 2 Goals

By | October 3rd, 2011|Uncategorized|

This weeks weekly FIFA 12 My Challenge is to win the North London Derby by two goals in honour of the Arsenal v Spurs classic played yesterday.

PROSPECTIVE 2.0 FIFA 12: Article 1

By | September 28th, 2011|Uncategorized|

Hey all and welcome to the new season of Prospective, here to bring you all the insights, experiences and tips from a FIFA veterans virtual pro career now into his third year with the soon to be released FIFA 12.

  • FIFA 12 My Challenges

First of FIFA 12 My Challenges

By | September 26th, 2011|Uncategorized|

Those of you lucky enough to be playing the FIFA 12 Early Release have the chance to gain some nice XP by completing the first of many My Challenges.

  • FIFA 12 Youth Academy

FIFA 12 Career Mode Youth Academy

By | September 22nd, 2011|Uncategorized|

In the 3rd video in the Career Mode Series, Simon Humber, Creative Director on FIFA 12, talks us through the Youth Academy, one of the great new features in this year's Career Mode.

  • FIFA 12 Career Mode

FIFA 12 Career Mode Transfer Deadline Day

By | September 15th, 2011|Uncategorized|

See what happens on Transfer Deadline Day and see what other improvements have been made to buying and selling in FIFA 12 Career mode.

  • FIFA 12 Tips and Tutorials - Coley's Playbook

FIFA 12 Tips and Tutorials: Coley’s Playbook

By | September 6th, 2011|Uncategorized|

This video series is going to run throughout FIFA 12, bringing you the finest tips, and tricks of the trade, from some of the best players on FIFA...

  • FIFA 12 Career Mode

FIFA 12 Career Mode – Form and Morale

By | September 3rd, 2011|Uncategorized|

FIFA 12 Creative Director, Simon Humber, talks us through one of the new features in this year's Career Mode.

  • FIFA 12 Online Game Modes

FIFA 12 Online Game Modes

By | September 1st, 2011|Uncategorized|

FIFA 12 is a massive year for online, and our goal of ‘revolutionizing’ the game has been truly realized. - FIFA 12 Producer Garreth Reeder lets us in on what to expect online with FIFA 12.

  • Prospective FIFA 12

It’s Nearly Time

By | August 31st, 2011|Uncategorized|

With the launch of FIFA 12 hot on the horizon it's time once more to lace up those virtual boots, perfect those fancy tricks and more so than ever throw in some well timed challenges.

  • FIFA Pro Clubs Roundup July

FIFA Pro Clubs Roundup July

By | July 26th, 2011|Uncategorized|

I cover some of the things I took away from my trip to EA, Guildford and how I think gameplay will effect FIFA 12 Pro Clubs.
Check out the video...

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