• How To Add Custom Audio To FIFA

How To Add Custom Audio To FIFA And Where To Get It From!

Custom Audio was introduced in FIFA 11 and has remained a feature in series ever since. It allows you to add your own audio to FIFA to provide another level of depth and realism to an already pretty atmospheric game. Although not as big a deal has been made about custom audio recently we highly recommend adding chants to take your career mode game to the next level in terms of atmosphere and immersion.

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  • FIFA 13 Winter Transfers

FIFA 13 Winter Transfers Full Interactive List!

We've had so many questions on Twitter about when the FIFA 13 Winter Transfers would be released and we can finally say that they're here. The database has now been updated to include all of the FIFA 13 winter transfers that went through during the January transfer window and we've got the full interactive list for you below.

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  • FIFA 13 Guide

Premier FIFA 13 Guide Evolved: 2nd Edition – Bigger And Better!

When I first got my hands on the FIFA 13 guide I was told that it would be updated throughout the year. It makes sense, the game was relatively new when the first edition of the guide was released and gameplay online evolves all the time and new techniques (and I hate to say it, glitches) appear all the time.
Obviously the fundamentals of FIFA 13 are going to remain the same but just like in any game or sport it's the players that adapt and fine tune their game that will dominate online in the long term.
Yesterday Joey dropped me an e-mail to tell me he'd just released the 2nd edition of his successful guide and added some great resources.
In Joey's own words:

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  • FIFA 13 Guide

The Definitive Premier FIFA 13 Guide Review

Are you struggling to win games in FIFA 13 or maybe you’re stuck and need help to move up the divisions? Or just struggling to make the transition between FIFA 12 to FIFA 13?
In this FIFA 13 Guide review we take a look at the guide that “shows you what the pros do to win nearly every game they play”!
So, will you say goodbye to rage quitting and hello to Division 1?
According to their website, this FIFA 13 guide will teach you (among other things):
How to win! How to score more goals A complete overview of how to set-up your team When to jockey vs contain How to master the new first touch control Techniques for creating more space How to improve your skills All of this and more…
Bold claims indeed! So does the Premier FIFA 13 Guide live up to these auspicious statements?

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  • FIFA 13 FUT iPhone App

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iPhone App Available Now

Great news for iPhone users, the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team iPhone App is available to download from the iTunes store now.
The FUT iPhone App lets you take all of your EA SPORTS Football Club info with you wherever you go.

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  • UltimateFIFA Virtual Pro Accomplishment Tracker

UltimateFIFA FIFA 13 Virtual Pro Accomplishments Tracker

Depending on how you feel about Virtual Pro Accomplishments, leveling up your Virtual Pro in FIFA Pro Clubs can be a rewarding or a long and arduous task. To make things easier for FIFA 13 we've released our FIFA 13 Virtual Pro Accomplishments Tracker.

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  • FIFA 13 PC Controls - Attacking Advanced

FIFA 13 PC Keyboard Controls

Playing FIFA 13 using the keyboard is difficult enough when you do know the controls. Imagine trying to play it when you don't!
To help you out here are some handy screenshots of the FIFA 13 PC Keyboard controls that you can refer to whilst in game.

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UEFA EURO 2012 DLC Preview Round Up

With only one day to go before release we round up EA SPORTS' UEFA EURO 2012 DLC.
You'll get to take your team to the top prize in European football as EA recreate Europe's biggest tournament in Poland and Ukraine and more...

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  • FIFA Euro 2012 Draw

FIFA Euro 2012 Teams

With the FIFA Euro 2012 DLC just around the corner we thought you might like an easy reference to the teams that will be included in FIFA Euro 2012.
All 53 UEFA member nations including groups A to D.

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  • FIFA 12 Accomplishments

FIFA 12 Accomplishments

Carrying on the back to basics theme and following on from our FIFA 12 Achievements Guide we’re bringing you a definitive list of the FIFA 12 Accomplishments needed to turn your Virtual Pro from a beginner into a beast!

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  • FIFA 12 Achievements

FIFA 12 Achievements

With many people (who made the good list) finding a copy of FIFA 12 in their stocking on Christmas morning, we’re going back to basics and providing you with a list of all FIFA 12 Achievements.

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  • FIFA 12 Running Celebrations

FIFA 12 Celebrations Tutorial – Running Moves

This video tutorial by aronavfc walks you though all the running celebrations in FIFA 12. Whether you want to shush you opponent or blow him kisses, find out how to celebrate your goals in style.

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Audio Swap: Quick Solution for Youtube Copyright Audio Ban

If you're one of the many directors out there that has had videos muted or privated due to copyright infringements then there is a short term, quick fix to get your videos back on line.

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FIFA11 Squad Update: Ratings Changes Revealed (English Premiership)

Here are the changes in English Premiership player ratings after the FIFA11 Squad Update following the January Transfer Window. How do the new ratings, based on player form by EA, shape up?

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Roster Update Review: Fernando Torres

Carlo Ancelotti has tipped Fernando Torres to find his form and insists he is 'the future of Chelsea.' The Blues paid £50m for Liverpool's No.1 striker on the dramatic last day of the transfer window but did Chelsea get value for money or were Liverpool laughing all the way to the bank?

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PC Kit Editor: i68 FIFA 11 Kit Manager

This tool will created by Luca “iard68” Iardella from will allow you to import your edited kits into FIFA11 for the PC using the compressed format called .RX3.

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