The Timed Finishing feature is a new technique in FIFA 19 that can be executed by pressing B twice (the low driven shot, which used those buttons in the past, is now LB+RB+B). You need to time the second B tap perfectly to pull off a perfectly timed Timed Finish, and pressing it too early or too late will result in a weak and misplaced shot. In this video, Mike Labelle shows up how to do Timed Finishing in FIFA 19.

EA has claimed that a well-executed Timed Finish will result in a shot that is both more powerful and more accurate, although it seems as though it only really provides a significant power boost in game, as shots taken from around the same region on the pitch that weren’t Timed Finishes seemed to be just as accurate.

The good part about Timed Finishing is that it allows players to pull off shots that they might not necessarily be able to pull off with just a regular shot. However, it’s only really worth attempting a Timed Finish shot on volleys and outside of the box attempts, because those shots are hard to execute normally and so your risk vs reward comparison works in your favour.

There’s not much point attempting a Timed Finish shot on finesse shots or when you’re through on goal 1v1 against the goalkeeper, because it could over-complicate a finesse shot and makes it much more likely that you’ll fail to score a chance that you should otherwise be finishing without any difficulty.

The real challenge of utilising Timed Finishing is evaluating what I mentioned earlier, the risk vs reward equation. Timed Finishing will increase the skill gap between average players and elite/pro players, but the fact that it’s (currently) so tricky to truly master means that, inside the box, it’s just not worth taking the risk. Most elite players can finish a chance inside the box without the assistance of a Timed Finish shot, and so unless you’re trying to create a montage, it’s just not worth the risk unless you’re attempting a volley or a long shot.

It’s also important to understand that a well-timed Timed Finish is not a guaranteed goal; you will still have to angle your player’s body as you would normally if you want the shot to stay on target. You will also have to learn how certain players approach a shot, as different heights, body types, and techniques will affect how a player strikes a shot, meaning that it also affects when you need to time that second B tap.

As we start to grind FIFA 19 it’ll become apparent whether or not Timed Finishing will be worth mastering or if it’ll just be turned off by most players, but as it stands right now, Timed Finishing is a rather difficult technique which only results in a very small percentage gain for your shots.