The Neymar rainbow flick is yet another skill move that is new to FIFA 19. However, unlike the other skill moves, this particular skill move is exclusive to Neymar.

Yes, it’s a promotional move, and it will definitely make Neymar more of a valuable commodity on FUT than he already is, but it’s a unique way to introduce Neymar’s distinct style into the game, and it adds a new level of realism to FIFA.

The controls are the same as the regular rainbow flick.

For using this particular skill in game, you want to wait for defenders to be rushing towards you, as it leave a lot of open space behind them for you to flick the ball into.

You can use it to set up Neymar to take a shot or you can use it to flick the ball to an oncoming teammate making a run.

The difference in the Neymar rainbow and the regular rainbow goes beyond the different animation styles; the Neymar rainbow actually goes a little further forward, meaning that you can only really hit a half volley rather than a regular volley.