The open fake shot is potentially the best new skill move in FIFA 19. Here’s how to do the New Fake Shot in FIFA 19 and when to use it effectively.

The regular fake shot has been in the game for years, and the controls for that have not changed (B+A); the only difference for the open fake shot is that you need to hold LB at the same time as you execute the fake shot.

The open fake shot doesn’t necessarily provide a lot of value on its own, although it is still very effective in misleading your opponent, but it does open up the possibility of combining with other skill moves in a very deadly sequence.

It’s also a very versatile skill that can be used in a variety of scenarios in the field. It’s probably best used when you want to open up space and find another player, but you can also use it on the wings to put the ball ahead of you and create a new opportunity to score.

Ultimately, this move is best used when you have multiple options ahead of you, as your opponent will struggle to compensate and you can easily capitalise on their hesitation.