The biggest change to the low driven shot is that the button controls have been changed. In previous FIFAs the low driven was executed by double tapping the B button, but now the new Timed Finishing feature has taken that slot, so low driven shots are now executed by pressing LB+RB+B. If that sounds complicated, you’d be right. This shooting tutorial shows you how to do the low driven shot in FIFA 19.

Not only are FIFA players being forced to unlearn their muscle memory from previous FIFAs (I myself have gone to hit a low driven shot only to frustratingly see a mistimed Timed Finish shot end up wide of the goal instead of in the bottom corner), but the new button combination is incredibly unnatural and really disrupts the flow of the attacks.

The new button combination also means that the low driven finesse shot is no longer in the game, as it would be physically impossible to execute with the new controls.

As in previous FIFAs, finishing is all about analyzing your angles and calculating what kind of shot will ensure your highest chance of success. The low driven shot is only effective when the goalkeeper is leaving a lot of space open to either side. If a keeper is charging you and closing down the angle, attempting a low driven shot will most likely result in a leg save, and so in those scenarios you are better off either attempting a finesse shot or a simple power shot.

When it comes to finishing a low driven shot, you don’t want to overclock your angle. The left stick is key to directing your shots, and if you overcompensate the angle of your shot then it will almost certainly go wide, especially as FIFA 19 feels a lot more manual in both attacking and defending situations.

When it comes to power, 2-3 bars is ideal, although you may be able to get away with around 1.5 bars if you’re close to the goal. It’s important to let your decision-making when it comes to choosing what kind of shot to use become instinctive as soon as possible, because if you overthink it then the opportunity will be wasted.

Ultimately, the low driven shot still has a deserved place in your FIFA 19 arsenal, but the new button combination and increased manual feel of the game itself makes it a lot less effective than previous FIFAs.