La Croqueta is a new skill move to FIFA 19 that was popularised by Andrés Iniesta and has been requested by many in the FIFA community for a while now. Learn how to do La Croqueta skill move in FIFA 19 to enable you to skip past your opponents with ease.

It can only be performed by players with 4 or 5 star skills. The controls are very similar to the ball roll controls, but instead of holding LT and then holding the right stick to the left or right, you’re going to hold LB instead before holding the right stick to the left or right.

As with all skill moves and new controls, you’re going to want to practice this in the arena before bringing it out to a game situation.

Out of all the new skill moves in FIFA 19, La Croqueta is definitely the most deceptive. It’s a very aggressive skill move, and it can be used to fake going outside and cutting in, or vice versa.

It’s also very effective when you’re on the counter attack and your opponent is hesitating and backing up his defenders. La Croqueta opens up space and allows you to better position yourself to make a pass or to wait until your other players are in position to attack, either with hold-up play or a more traditional cutback.

It also has the potential to draw a lot of fouls as players will dive in with a tackle and most likely catch the player before the ball because of how quick La Croqueta shifts the ball from one foot to another.

It opens up new angles and brings something very exciting, aggressive, and unpredictable to your FIFA 19 arsenal.