During the capture event in Germany, Mike LaBelle, was able to ask the other content creators what their best skill moves in FIFA 19 were.

The clear favourite for many was the new running fake shot, but many players also emphasised how effective the new right stick touch system has been, as it allows players to have a greater control over their first touch as well as allowing for a lot of fancy flicks in the air which can lead to some truly amazing goals.

Best Skill Moves in FIFA 19

Throughout the year we’ll be talking to the pros and keeping this list updated with the best skill moves in FIFA 19 based on the current meta. Follow us on Twitter to be notified each time this is updated.

In the current meta the best skill moves in FIFA 19 are:

  1. Running fake shot
  2. La Croqueta
  3. Ball roll
  4. Body feint
  5. Roulette

Another popular favourite was the new Iniesta “La Croqueta” skill move, which has been requested by many for several years now. A couple of players also mentioned the new rainbow animation for Neymar, a new variation on the traditional rainbow flick that only he can pull off.

While all these new features were very clearly impressing the Game Changers at the event, players did not forget about the old favourites, such as the ball roll, body feint, and roulette. Sometimes, the simplest skills are the most effective.

Ultimately, it will come down to choosing a couple of effective skill moves and perfecting them so that you can pull them off smoothly in a competitive situation.