A FIFA 18 trailer can mean only one thing. It’s that time of year when EA release the shackles of their gargantuan marketing monster and whip us up into a veritable quivering FIFA 18 frenzy whist magically making us forget how many controllers we’ve thrown out of the window since last September.

Feast your eyes on every FIFA 18 trailer that EA release in the run up to FIFA 18 all in one place. Please refrain from waiving your wallet at your screen and shouting “Take My Monaaaay!!” Use this link instead. 😉

FIFA 18 Reveal Trailer – Fueled By Ronaldo

The face of FIFA 18 is confirmed! Messi passes the torch to Ronaldo who’s seen taking the proverbial out of the Premier League champions before David Luiz decides he’s had enough and puts him on his arse. Last year’s Ballon d’Or winner picks himself up to nonchalantly slot the free kick in the top corner (we presume) to the mantra that FIFA 18 will be powered by the world’s best.

FIFA 18 Gameplay Trailer – The World’s Game

The first FIFA 18 gameplay trailer reveals the game’s tagline, “The World’s Game”. Which is a relief because if it was just Scarborough’s game I’d have been pretty miffed.

Ronaldo dons an EA standard issue jumpsuit covered in ping pong balls to reinforce that FIFA 18 will be fueled by the data of the Real Madrid legend and accelerated by Real Player Motion Technology (which we’re pretty sure has been around since FIFA 12 – albeit fueled by the Vancouver Whitecaps).

You’ll be able to explode past players with signature movement, play your team’s style and experience the most dramatic moments in the world’s greatest atmospheres. ……….. apart from the Nou Camp, coz Barca are still in bed with Konami. 😛

FIFA 18 The Journey – Alex Hunter Returns – Official Teaser Trailer

Alex Hunter is back in FIFA 18 and it looks like he’s got a tough decision to make. Although if he’s got any sense he’ll go to Everton. That club’s going places. (I’m not biased, honest…)

The star studded trailer features big names in the world of football and media and the mustachioed maestro Castro even takes a break from dominating Twitch’s FIFA community to reaffirm the return of The Journey in FIFA 18.

I’m made up FIFA’s newest game mode is back. Last year’s taster left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the next stage of Alex Hunter’s journey.

FIFA 18 FUT ICONS – Ronaldo Nazário, Maradona, Henry, Yashin and Pelé

Our first glimpse of Ultimate Team might not give anything away much but it confirms my biggest fear that I’m going to pour the gross domestic product of a developing nation into FIFA Points to get hold of one or both of my heroes, R9 Ronaldo or Diego Maradona.

To be honest, I wouldn’t begrudge any of the other FUT 18 Icons, Nazário, Henry, Yashin or Pelé a place in my Ultimate Team either.

The Icons are being released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Origin on PC meaning the decision on which platform to play on won’t detract from my mental struggle wondering if packing a FIFA 18 Icon is worth not being able to feed my kids for a month.

FIFA 18 FUT ICONS Stories Trailer Featuring Ronaldinho

We’re seeing triple! As well as revealing Brazilian trequartista, Ronaldinho, 3 versions of each FIFA 18 ICON will be available with stats to match how they were at different stages in their careers. Not gonna lie, this imbues some serious conflicting feelings.

I’m thrilled that we’ll potentially have triple the chance to bag an ICON but what if we get the worst one? Will it taste bitter sweet? Would it be like my mum buying me Adidas Cup football boots when Copa Mundials and Predators could’ve been in my kit bag?

I’ll be made up with any of them in my team but time will tell whether any version will halt my hankering or if the lure of the upgrades will be too much.

The ICONS stories suggest that there’ll be more to welcoming them into your club than packing alone. Maybe they’ll have Squad Building Challenges or maybe something new altogether. One thing’s for sure – this is going to be an expensive twelve months.

FIFA 18 Official Gamescom Trailer (Blue Monday Mix)

It’s fitting that the FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer ends with Martin Tyler asking “What have we seen here?” because that’s exactly how I felt. I was hoping for some juicy gameplay action to get a feel for how FIFA 18 would be from a ‘controller in hand’ point of view but instead was treated to a mega mix of close ups and cut scenes that screamed CoD montage more than FIFA trailer.

In fairness, the editing was top notch, the graphics look crisp and the animation looks incredible but I’m at the stage now where I want to be picturing me playing, not watching.

And another thing – if Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t get booked for jumping into the crowd at 0:53 I’ll be straight on the phone to Howard Webb!

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Official Story Trailer

The action’s really heating up for Alex Hunter after he rose to stardom. After doing a good job of emotionally immersing us in the first season FIFA 18’s The Journey looks like a it’s take it up a few notches in the drama stakes.

The trailer gives away that in an attempt to get back to the big time Hunter’s agent orchestrates the stars fall from grace and it’s your job to guide Alex back to the lime light which involves playing around the world as you rebuild your reputation.

With Hunter looking like he could end up a worldy this year hopefully his Ultimate Team reward card (assuming we’ll get one for completing The Journey again) will be able to do some damage in FUT Champions.

More FIFA 18 Trailers

We’re back and we’ll keep you updated as more FIFA 18 trailers and information becomes available. If you’ve already seen enough to pre-order FIFA 18 you can do here and you can join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook!