The Set Pieces system in FIFA 17 has been completely rewritten giving us more options and greater accuracy. Here’s what you can do in FIFA 17.

The EA team have been working closely with James Rodríguez to rewrite the FIFA 17 set piece system to give you complete control of every dead ball situation.

The first new feature is the ability to vary your starting position and run up speed and direction. This means you’ll be able to open up different angles to create a wider variety of direct freekicks and penalties. The angle of your run up will change the spin and movement of the ball and will also keep your opponent guessing.

FIFA 17 Set Piece Targeting Feature

New FIFA 17 Set Pieces System - Completely Rewritten fifa 17 set pieces New FIFA 17 Set Pieces System - Completely Rewritten FIFA 17 Set Piece System

Indirect Freekicks in FIFA 17 will include a marker to aim at.

There’s also a new targeting feature on indirect freekicks that will make for much more accurate free kicks and corners. AI Team mates will react to where you place the marker and make runs to support your cross. This will be a very welcome addition as free kicks and corners in FIFA 16 seemed to vary even when the exact same aim and power was selected which made the short option the best one on most occasions.

FIFA 17 Throw Ins get a revamp

You can now move up and down the line to get a better position and even fake the thrown in to send your opponent in the wrong direction to create some space. We’ll show you how to do a fake throw in in FIFA 17 very soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing what new variations of set pieces these changes to FIFA 17 will bring. Do you think this is a welcome addition? Let us know what you think in the comments.