FIFA Pro Clubs forum FVPA UK will close its doors after 6 years dedicated service to the pro clubs community.

The FIFA Virtual Pro Association (FVPA) was a pioneer in the Pro Clubs community leading the way through innovation and technology and during its tenure it successfully hosted countless tournaments and leagues across all platforms.

It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to this FIFA community. I spent a lot of time on the FVPA UK pro clubs forum playing with some top Pro Clubs teams and making some great friends along the way.

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The silver lining is that UltimateFIFA has retained the services of FVPA founder Kelley to develop our own FIFA forum (currently in beta with development ongoing) which will focus on all aspects of the FIFA series and will host a small Pro Clubs section for completion. Kelley brings a wealth of community management and technical expertise.

An announcement on UltimateFIFA’s forum plans will follow shortly.

Kelley from FVPA UK made the following statement:

[quote]After 6 years of dedicating time and money to what was the very first dedicated Pro Clubs website the time has come to close the site and move on.

It’s been a heavily delayed decision as can be expected because it really is hard to let go.

When Mark (Oggy) and myself decided to set up the FVPA we had big plans to create a true multiplayer eSport in Virtual Football. Our vision was to mimic real life footy but within a computer game. It is a lot harder than it sounds.

We’ve developed the website many times over and spent thousands on trying to get the right system. We had a great coder (Phil) who put together Rivals (something that was since copied, so must have been good!) – vPAD again was another great achievement. But to keep up with development and run a site becomes labourious, it probably will come as no surprise to anyone to know that I haven’t played FIFA Pro Clubs properly for 2 years, just not enough time to keep websites going and play FIFA and all the other stuff that comes with life.

There have been a lot of people come and go within the staff at FVPA UK and whilst some community egos didn’t see eye to eye with some staff and tried to cause disruption, in my opinion the staff did try their best and worked for a great cause.

Spike (BigZombieMonkey), Phil and Cotty joined as admins and had a lot of input over the years at the highest level and a big thanks to them for the time they put in.

Thanks also to our site Moderators who ran leagues and tournaments, helped with graphics and maintaining order within the forums, you did a sterling job.

Not least the Club Managers and Players for being a part of what has been a great community experience.

We had some great experiences along the way, we actually had some changes made to Pro Clubs on the back of our user’s feedback.

We were invited to various closed door events to test FIFA in development, launch events and arena events. We’ve met and interviewed key figures from EA Sports and even managed to run our very own Pro Clubs tournament at insomnia with our good friends and partners

Today there are FVPA sites all around the world who work relentlessly to provide the best enhanced Pro Clubs experience possible for its users, please don’t ever take these people for granted they do what they do because they are passionate about FIFA and Pro Clubs, the more you kick them the harder is for them to get back up again. iFVPA offers Champions League, European Leagues and international tournaments on all consoles.

I’m not going to get all sentimental, it is what it is, the time is right to move on.

Although FVPA UK is closing its doors, I am pleased to announce that our long term partners UltimateFIFA have opened a forum built with the same technology as (Xenforo) for all things FIFA and there is a Pro Clubs section that will be developed for any players/teams that wish to participate – signup is simple using a single button Facebook/Twitter or Google+.

This Forum will eventually be redirected to the new UltimateFIFA forums. We won’t be moving any accounts or posts over to UF as FVPA UK is literally closing down not moving anywhere.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I really do mean it when I say THANKS to everyone that has participated or contributed in any way shape or form to FVPA UK over the past 6 years, it has been emotional some good and some bad.

Maybe we’ll see each other again over at the UltimateFIFA Forums.

That’s it from me… Kelley out!”[/quote]