I loaded up FIFA 16 last night for a late night blast on FUT but instead of enjoying some ranked games I sat there for almost an hour searching for a match.

Since then I’ve looked around and found that I’m not the only person affected by this, a fair number of others have reported they couldn’t find a game in FUT on FIFA 16 either.

So I thought I’d post the fix. Even if it seems obvious hopefully it’ll relieve someone of hours of frustration (and prevent barrages of expletives being hurled towards EA SPORTS – not that they might not deserve them, just not for this…).

For the record the issue seems to be on Xbox One and that’s the platform this fix is for.

The issue occurs when you turn your Xbox off whilst your still in FUT. Sometimes, when your Xbox wakes up again FUT’s match-making doesn’t.

To fix this restart FIFA 16. Press the Home key on your controller to go back to the dashboard, highlight the FIFA 16 window and press the Menu button on your controller. Go to Quit Game.

Then restart FIFA and search for a match again. You should start finding games again pretty much all of the time.

If that fails clear your cache and completely restart your Xbox. Usually when you turn your Xbox off it just goes into sleep mode. You’ll have noticed that when you turn it back on your games or apps are still running. That’s not going to work in this case. We need a full shut down.

To shut the Xbox One down completely and flush the cache at the same time hold the power button for 10 seconds until your Xbox turns off. When you boot it up again you’ll notice that it takes a lot longer than usual because it’s starting everything again from scratch.

This should have flushed out anything in your Xbox’s memory that’s preventing you from finding a game.

Go back into FUT and try searching for a match again and this time you should have no problems.

Have you had trouble finding games in FUT 16? Did these fixes work for you? Let me know in the comments.