Skill moves on FIFA 16 might well have a lower success rate in game but get them right and you’ll bag a first class ticket for the showboat. They sure have gone up a level, not only in looks but also in variation and with the introduction of no touch dribbling there’s going to be a lot to master in FIFA 16.

Luckily FifaRalle’s got our back with his first Skill Combos Tutorial. Check out the video and hit the demo to get practising. Descriptions of how to do each combo are below.

When I say forwards, backwards, left and right, it’s all relative to the direction your player is facing.

Fake Rabona to Heel Flick Turn

Hold left trigger and fake shot. I slide my thumb quickly from X to A (square to X) which seems to be more reliable than B then A (circle then X) then straight after the fake shot hold RB/R1 and move the right thumbstick forwards then back.

Stepovers to Bolasie Flick Left/Right

Start doing stepovers by starting the right thumbstick forward and then rolling it round to the left then right round to the right back through the forward position. You can then continue to roll the thumbstick left and right through the forward position to do as many stepovers as you want.

When you’ve ready to exit with the Bolasie flick, Hold RB/R1 and push the right thumbstick forward then left or right depending on which way you want to turn.

Bolasie Flick Left/Right to Overhead Flick

Do the Bolasie flick skill like before by holding RB/R1 and push the right thumbstick forward then left or right depending on which way you want to exit then when the ball’s in the air flick the right thumbstick backwards from where you came. Try finishing it of with a volley.

Fake Pass to Fake Drag Back

If you want a skill move combo to really rub your opponents nose in it then this is it. Perform the new fake pass by holding RT/R2 when your player’s stationary and then slide your thumb from X to A (square to X). Then quickly switch to RB/R1 move the left thumbstick backwards then roll it round to the left and then back round to the right through the backwards position.

Fake Pass to Fancy Pass

Another way to keep your opponent guessing with the fake pass is to perform a fancy pass straight after it. Do the fake pass the same as above but this time instead of the drag back hold LT/L2 and A/X pass in whichever direction you choose. There are more fancy passing animations in FIFA 16 to keep them looking fresh.

Fake Pass to Quick Ball Rolls to Drag Back

FifaRalle’s stepping it up a notch stringing 3 skill moves together. First do the fake pass again and straight after pull backwards on the right trigger to perform some futsal style quick ball rolls. Then exit out of the move with a quick drag back by holding RB/R1, pulling backwards on the left thumbstick and rolling it round to the left or right depending on which direction you want to exit.

Ball Roll Flick to Rabona Shot

Hold the right trigger left then flick it forward to perform the ball roll flick then finish up with a rabona shot by holding LT/L1 whilst shooting forward.

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