World Bank director of corporate communications, Jeremy Hillman got a nasty surprise when he found out his 13 year old son had racked up $4,500 worth of FIFA Points on his credit card without his permission.

At first Hillman thought the payments, showing as Microsoft on his statement, were a mix up with his Office 365 subscription. When he looked into it further it became clear it this wasn’t the case and shortly after his son came forward.

“He tearfully told me that he’d tried to buy a player pack for $100 but it hadn’t worked and so he tried a couple more times.”

Hillman’s since confiscated his son’s Xbox and is replacing it with a table tennis table.

Should Microsoft Take Some of the Blame?

Despite accepting that he and his wife should have paid more attention to their son’s gaming habits Hillman has questioned whether Microsoft should take some responsibility by making it harder to make continued or substantial purchases.

“If there’s a lawyer out there that wants to start a class-action against Microsoft and force them into compensation and adopting a better policy I’ll happily sign up.”

Jeremy Hillman wrote about what happened in length in a blog post on to warn other parents about the dangers of in game purchaces. You can read it here.