The second video in EASPORTS’ gameplay series again highlights FIFA15’s Emotional Intelligence Feature.

Each player will have emotional connections with all 21 other players on the pitch and there are over 600 new animations to allow players to visually express how they feel.

By introducing the Dynamic Match Presentation Feature, crowds have been personalised with individual clubs and regions fans becoming undeniably distinguishable.  Fans will react to events on the pitch and commentators will respond as the atmosphere hots up in the ground.

FIFA 15 Emotional Intelligence  FIFA 15 Emotional Intelligence and Dynamic Match Presentation FIFA 15 Emotional IntelligenceRather than just being just for show, I wonder if the way players feel about themselves and others will alter their play on the pitch. Will it effect your team chemistry or alter a certain players form going into the following game? Will players hold grudges going into return fixtures months down the line?

The Emotional Intelligence feature has huge potential for much more immersive storylines in FIFA 15’s Career Mode and I’m excited to see how it pans out.

Have you been emotionally hooked yet or are you holding out to see Player Control and Unrivaled Intelligence before making up your mind?