Wessamo Ronaldo is the master of set pieces. This time he’s back with a FIFA 14 corner kick tutorial that will have you scoring nearly every time!

First Wessamo sets up 4 players to make decoys taking defenders with them and clearing space in the box. That leaves space for the players at the front post and on the edge of the box to work a clear chance at goal.

He demonstrates a couple of ways to create the chance which will keep your opponent guessing but use it more than a couple of time in a game and he might wise up, although that might take his attention away from a direct cross.

You might also want to check out Wessamo’s custom free kick tutorials here.

Mixing up your play in FIFA is vital and set pieces and corners are no different. And with a lot of matches being so close, especially at the top divisions, adding a couple of Wessamo’s set pieces to your arsenal can seriously up your win/loss ratio.

If you’ve got any custom set pieces that you use, leave a link in the comments!