I’d also argue that trying to find a drop in game or disconnecting with 10 minutes to go is up there on the drama scale. Anyway, enough of that…

The EA SPORTS marketing monster has been let off the leash once more to wreak havoc in our minds and turn us into FIFA 15 loving zombies. This FIFA 15 trailer is the first glimpse into the gameplay of the next iteration of FIFA.

The emphasis is on realism and how the game will make us feel. The trailer takes us on a journey and allures to FIFA 15 bringing out our emotions just as the real game does. Emotions like frustration, rage and WTF! Nah, I’m joking – sort of… The game is already full of highs and lows and by the looks of things EA want to play with our hearts even more in FIFA 15.

Truth is though we’ve seen it all before. I know it’s just a teaser to let us know it’s coming but I was hoping for something that’d make me think, “Do you know what – “I can’t wait for that!” Instead we picked up where FIFA 14 left of. Yes it look good and yes it looks polished but us FIFA fans are a bit more cautious these days and it’ll take more than a 2 minute trailer to win us over…

…Who am I kidding? We’ll all buy it anyway. #FeelTheGame!

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