• Ultimate Team turns 6 this week! FREE untradeable pack for all fans every day at 6pm UK until Sunday!
  • EA deal another blow to coin sellers by removing club names from the transfer market.
  • New 11 Man Division One Pro Clubs video out on our YouTube channel.
  • EA are working on resolving the FUT connectivity issues on Xbox.

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Founder of, Evertonian *groan*, entrepreneur. I'm a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment which I put to good use in the Ultimate Team market. ;)

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    very good .will review my styles.l will let you know how i get playing ut ibuy a comsumable you send to club .you can.t use it you have to sell it ,I know how to do it now but think its a flaw…?.cheers mate.robbyscot.

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    Craig Cole

    robbyscot Some of the consumables apply to the whole squad (like squad fitness cards etc) and you have to apply them differently this year. Could that be the reason? Check if it only applies to squad consumables.


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