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by Craig Cole on October 26, 2013
Ultimate Team

FUT 14 Chemistry StylesChemistry styles have brought a lot more customisation into FUT 14 but what exactly do they do? We’ve broken down each chemistry style in detail to help you be sure you’re applying the right card to get the best out of your player.

Here’s a quick overview of what the Chemistry Styles are. Scroll down if you want to get to the more in depth explanation and the full run down of each of the FUT 14 style cards.

  • BASIC: +1 All Attributes
  • SNIPER: +3 Shooting, +3 Dribbling
  • FINISHER: +3 Shooting, +3 Heading
  • DEADEYE: +3 Shooting, +3 Passing
  • MARKSMAN: +2 Shooting, +2 Dribbling, +2 Heading
  • HAWK: +2 Pace, +2 Shooting, +2 Heading
  • ARTIST: +3 Passing, +3 Dribbling
  • ARCHITECT: +Passing, +3 Heading
  • POWERHOUSE: +3 Passing, +3 Defending
  • MAESTRO: +2 Shooting, +2 Passing, +2 Dribbling
  • ENGINE: +2 Pace, +2 Passing, +2 Dribbling
  • SENTINEL: +3 Defending, +3 Heading
  • GUARDIAN: +3 Dribbling, +3 Defending
  • GLADIATOR: +3 Shooting, +3 Defending
  • BACKBONE: +2 Passing, +2 Defending, +2 Heading
  • ANCHOR: +2 Pace, +2 Defending, +2 Heading
  • HUNTER: +3 Pace, +3 Shooting
  • CATALYST: +3 Pace, +3 Passing
  • SHADOW: +3 Pace, +3 Defending
  • GLOVE: +2 Diving, +2 Handling, +2 Positioning
  • CAT: +2 Reflexes, +2 Speed, +2 Positioning
  • GK BASIC: +1 All Attributes
  • WALL: +2 Diving, +2 Handling, +2 Kicking
  • SHIELD: +2 Kicking, +2 Reflexes, +2 Speed

What are Chemistry Style Cards?

Guardian Chemistry

The Guardian card boosts 3 chevrons to Dribbling and 3 to Defending.

Chemistry styles are consumable cards in FUT 14 that give a player’s certain statistics a boost depending on their chemistry. The stat boost is based on a total of 6 chevrons assigned across different attributes (pace, dribbling, shooting, defending, passing, heading) depending on the card. For example, of the Guardian’s 6 chevrons, 3 are assigned to dribbling and 3 to defending whereas the Maestro chemistry style splits its 6 chevrons with 2 to dribbling, 2 to shooting and 2 to passing.

3 chevrons doesn’t mean a boost to the player attributes of 3, it’s more of an indication as to the maximum boost that that attribute set will get. The actual attribute boost amount is unknown. Obviously, the more chevrons the higher the boost to that attribute set.

Chemistry cards don’t add to your players’ attributes per se. Rather they are a means of letting you focus on certain areas, controlling which attributes gain boosts from chemistry giving you much more control over the style of football your team will play on the pitch.

Player Chemistry Boosts from Chemistry Style Cards

To get the most out of your chemistry style cards and get the biggest attribution boost it’s important to try to fill all 6 chevrons. To do this make sure your player has the maximum player chemistry already. If they haven’t, only some of the chevrons will fill meaning you’re losing out on boosts. If there are no chevrons at all then the card won’t be adding to any of your stats rendering it useless. Use the cards with your existing team chemistry to maximise the abilities you want to improve in your players.

Chemistry Style Difference

I’ll show you an example of this in this image. I’ve applied the Anchor card to my centre back and as you can see, when he’s in the correct position (CB) he has full 10 chemistry and all 6 chevrons of the Anchor trait are filled.

If I move him to right back (RB) however the number of chevrons filled reduces to 3 because my players individual chemistry went down to 7.

This means that half of my potential attribute boosts that I can get from using my Anchor card are lost because of my players individual chemistry.

The exact effects of player chemistry on your chemistry style card chevrons is:

  • 10 Player Chemistry = 6 Filled Chevrons
  • 9 Player Chemistry = 5 Filled Chevrons
  • 8 Player Chemistry = 4 Filled Chevrons
  • 7 Player Chemistry = 3 Filled Chevrons
  • 6 Player Chemistry = 2 Filled Chevrons
  • 5 Player Chemistry = 1 Filled Chevron
  • 4-0 Player Chemistry = 0 Filled Chevrons


Each FUT 14 Chemistry Style Explained

These cards can mainly be used in two ways. To compensate for stats that a player might be lacking in certain areas or to boost already good stats to try to make players overpowered at certain styles. Below are just some examples of how to use them and with imagination it’s by no means exhaustive.

FUT 14 Basic

BASIC: +1 All Attributes

Does what is says on the tin. This is the default that all new players come with as standard. You would use this card if you haven’t got any specific job in mind for the player but want to increase his stats across the board. Rather than focusing on single skill sets this card will apply chemistry boosts evenly across all attributes.

Suited Positions: CM (where all attributes are important).

Example Players: Arturo Vidal, any top end player.

FUT 14 SniperSNIPER: +3 Shooting, +3 Dribbling

Ideal for forwards that are already fast. If you’re applying to a central striker, make sure he already has good heading too unless you rarely cross.

Could potential use it on a CAM as long as his passing stats are already very good.

Suited Positions: ST, CF, LW, RW

Example Players: Edinson Cavani, Gareth Bale

FUT 14 FinisherFINISHER: +3 Shooting, +3 Heading

When all that matters is putting the ball in the back of the net, this is the card to use. And let’s face it, you can play as much fancy football as you like but if you don’t score, you won’t win!

This is my favourite to turn my central striker into a goal machine.

Suited Positions: ST

Example Players: Any striker

FUT 14 Deadeye

DEADEYE: +3 Shooting, +3 Passing

You want to use this card on players that get in an around the box to make things happen. The passing boost makes slide rule passes more likely and if the pass isn’t on then hit the target.

Ideal for a CAM with high attacking work rate or a deep CF (in 433 False 9 formation for example).

Suited Positions: CAM, CF

Example Players: Suarez, Ronaldinho, Ramsey

FUT 14 MarksmanMARKSMAN: +2 Shooting, +2 Dribbling, +2 Heading

What do you get the striker that already has everything? A bit more everything!

Stick the card on your pacey forward that’s already good in all other areas of attacking and make him even more dangerous.

Suited Positions: ST, CF

Example Players: Gareth Bale, Antonio Di Natale, Mirko Vucinic

FUT 14 HawkHAWK: +2 Pace, +2 Shooting, +2 Heading

Ideal for all round forwards if you play a more counter attacking style.

The extra pace boost will help you get in behind defences and the shooting and heading stats will aid your finishing once you’re in on goal.

Suited Positions: ST, CF, LW, RW

Example Players: Mario Balotelli, Hulk, Samuel Eto’o

FUT 14 ArtistARTIST: +3 Passing, +3 Dribbling

I like to use this on my CAM but it can also be used on any midfielders that aren’t too defencive.

A good CAM doesn’t need to be pacey but it does need to have close control and be able to run the show with pin point passes.

Suited Positions: CAM, CM, (Maybe RM and LM)

Example Players: Mesut Özil, Isco, Wesley Sneijder

FUT 14 ArchitectARCHITECT: +Passing, +3 Heading

When my opponent takes a goal kick I like to drop my CDM back to try to win the header which leaves both my CBs free to pick up the pieces should I lose it.

The extra heading boost would mean I’d lose less headers and get back on the attack quicker.

Suited Positions: CDM, CM

Example Players: Yaya Touré, Marouane Fellaini, Riccardo Montolivo

FUT 14 PowerhousePOWERHOUSE: +3 Passing, +3 Defending

Another option to increase very important stats for defencive midfielders. If you have very pacey full backs you could also use this on them.

Although for full backs I’d always recommend pace because there’s no point having good defending stats if you can’t get back goal side.

Suited Positions: CDM, CM, (Possibly RB and LB)

Example Players: Bastian Schweinsteiger, Yohan Cabaye, Philipp Lahm

FUT 14 MaestroMAESTRO: +2 Shooting, +2 Passing, +2 Dribbling

This all round card suits players that get into dangerous areas and make things happen so look for players with highers attacking work rates.

It’s a very versatile card that can apply to both central and wide attacking players.

Suited Positions: CAM, CF, LW, RW, RM, LM

Example Players: Eden Hazard, Marco Reus, Mario Götze

FUT 14 EngineENGINE: +2 Pace, +2 Passing, +2 Dribbling

An ideal card for wide men. Most suited to players that get forward but maybe not quite forward enough to be taking shots at goal.

I mainly use this card on attacking full backs but can be effective in wide midfielders too. Check your work rates.

Suited Positions: LB, LWB, RB, RWB, LM, RM

Example Players: Leighton Baines, Thomas Müller, James Milner

FUT 14 SentinelSENTINEL: +3 Defending, +3 Heading

Pace is less important this year. If you’ve got a CB with low attacking and high defensive workrates it might be worth maximising his defending and heading stats.

This could also be used on a CDM instead of the Architect chemistry trait.

Suited Positions: CB, CDM

Example Players: Vincent Kompany, Pepe, Ramires

FUT 14 GuardianGUARDIAN: +3 Dribbling, +3 Defending

The only reason I can think of to use the Guardian card is if you’ve got a midfielder that’s lacking in either dribbling or defending stats.

Maybe if you want to try to play it out of the back with your defenders but in my opinion other defensive cards are much more valuable.

Suited Positions: CDM, LR, RB, CB

Example Players: Sami Khedira, Sven Bender, Branislav Ivanovic

FUT 14 GladiatorGLADIATOR: +3 Shooting, +3 Defending

Another card that I don’t think will get too much use but it can be useful if you’ve got a defensive midfielder that likes to take on a shot.

With the increased shooting animations this year don’t be afraid to hit them from range. You’ll score some peaches!

Suited Positions: CDM

Example Players: Steven Gerrard, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Alberto Costa

FUT 14 BackboneBACKBONE: +2 Passing, +2 Defending, +2 Heading

If you like to play out from defence this card can be used to raise your defenders passing stats to alleviate so of those wayward passes that can get you into serious trouble. Just watch those first touches if you’re knocking it around at the back. Another alternative option to the Architect trait for a CDM.

Suited Positions: CDM, CB

Example Players: Daniel Agger, Piqué, Javier Mascherano

FUT 14 AnchorANCHOR: +2 Pace, +2 Defending, +2 Heading

A solid all round defending style to bump up all important defending stats.

As I’ve said before though, pace isn’t as overpowered in FIFA 14 so if your CB’s no slouch then I’d suggest the Sentinel.

Suited Positions: CB, CDM

Example Players: Nemanja Vidic, Ezequiel Garay,

FUT 14 HunterHUNTER: +3 Pace, +3 Shooting

Ideal for strikers if you play a counter attacking style on the deck rather than getting down the wings and whipping speculative crosses in.

The more accurate your striker’s shooting the better especially after the latest patch that nuked finesse shots.

Suited Positions: ST

Example Players: Samuel Eto’o, Javier Hernández

FUT 14 CatalystCATALYST: +3 Pace, +3 Passing

Whilst being less overpowered, pace is still most effective down the flanks. By applying the Catalyst to your wingmen they’ll also benefit from being able to pass inside better or whip in more accurate crosses.

By applying it to fullbacks you can combat pacey wingers and aid playing out from defence.

Suited Positions: RM, LM, RW, LW, RB, LB, RWB, LWB

Example Players: Marco Reus, Willian, Lucas

FUT ShadowSHADOW: +3 Pace, +3 Defending

Good for CB’s and Fullbacks if you want to make sure you can get men back behind the ball (which is half the battle when defending in FIFA 14).

Unless you’re CB’s are already tall and have good heading and jumping stats you may leave yourself vulnerable to crosses.

Suited Positions: CB, RB, LB, RWB, LWB

Example Players: Gary Cahill, Martin Caceres, Glen Johnson

FUT GloveGLOVE: +2 Diving, +2 Handling, +2 Positioning

The best 3 stats to boost out of any goalkeeper style in my opinion.

If you’re confident you can keep your opponent at bay and limit him to long shots then this is the card for you.

FUT 14 CatCAT: +2 Reflexes, +2 Speed, +2 Positioning

My second favourite goalkeeper card (I value positioning quite highly!).

This card might be more useful if you concede one on one chances as you’ll be able to bring your keeper out faster and he’ll have better reflexes for close range shots.

FUT 14 GK BasicGK Basic: +1 All Attributes

For the all round goalkeeper. Just like for the outfield player card, when there’s no specific weaknesses and you want to generally improve all of your players stats, the basic style is a safe option to use. (And it probably won’t cost you any money).

FUT WallWALL: +2 Diving, +2 Handling, +2 Kicking

I try to throw the ball out more often than not unless a quick kick to the wing is on so kicking isn’t really an attribute I’m interested in.

It can have benefits for more accurate goal kicks but I’d rather improve the stats that keep the ball out of my net.

FUT ShieldSHIELD: +2 Kicking, +2 Reflexes, +2 Speed

My last resort goalkeeping style card. Like Cat, Shield will be more useful if opponents tend to get in behind your defence.

Again though I wouldn’t choose to boost the kicking attribute at the expense of one that might prevent my opponent from scoring.

FUT 14 Chemistry Style Summary?

The way you use chemistry styles is completely up to you, whether you use them to make up for players’ weaknesses or you completely overpower someone’s strengths. There’s plenty of options out there.

Let me know what chemistry styles you prefer and what players and positions you use them on.

For some really in depth info about chemistry in FUT 14 check out this amazing series of posts from LiquidTensoinzZ on the EA Forums.


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