Following on from and in stark contrast to our pace abstinence revolution series we thought we’d bring you the fastest players in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. We know that there’s plenty of you out there that love to use fast players. And why wouldn’t you? They arguably get you the quickest results! (please excuse the pun… *groan*)

Well, these guys are the fastest players in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.

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Fastest Players In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team  Top 50 Fastest Players In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Fastest Players In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Whether you play a quick counter attacking style going forward or want to counteract your opponents fastest players in defence, these are the players that will get the job done.

This list is all about raw, unadulterated pace. No frills, no bells and certainly no whistles, just blisteringly fast players that are usually viewed from behind through a wake of dust.

This list contains all versions of the fastest players in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team including In Form and Team Of The Year players and we’ve gone with average pace rating to rate the players.

Just remember though, pace shouldn’t be the only statistic you look at when buying a player on Ultimate Team. Plenty of players can run like lightening but turn out to be useless once they get a ball at their feet!

To check out other attributes together you can check out our FUT Player Z Ratings!

You can sort the table by clicking the attribute you’d like to sort by in the table header or search for a particular player by typing part of their name in the search box.

The 50 Fastest Players In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Lionel MessiCF9897969299487643
Cristiano RonaldoLW9796968697539254
Theo WalcottST8396777582485733
Jonathan BiabianyRM7796697281506233
Theo WalcottRW8196707180465533
Guillermo RojasLW6896535970564721
Ryo MiyaichiRW7194535878343944
Christian SuárezRM7194676875406533
Nnamdi OduamadiRM7194596375375933
Luciano NarsinghRW7794637278415343
Dane RichardsRW6894615869405432
Dominic OduroST6594614464396033
Martín BravoLW7194646674456743
DaMarcus BeasleyLM6994626370475734
Dani AlvesRB9093768688867843
Gareth BaleLM8793848587767344
Lionel MessiCF9193998496437243
Lionel MessiCF9593908596447343
Franck RibéryLM9193838493465654
Jakub BłaszczykowskiRM8193757782595834
Jody LukokiRW6893525373323944
Mike KönneckeRM6193595065355734
Joao RojasRM7193646376426644
Pierre-Emerick AubameyangST7993757179537633
Tsepo MasilelaLB7093526369686833
Kim Kwang SukRB6393405353666323
Marvell WynneCB6693495055647322
Myles WestonLM6393595665404634
Ignazio AbateRB8193657779787522
Jakub BłaszczykowskiRM8093727581575734
Gabriel AgbonlahorST7493726674467633
Ezequiel LavezziLW8693777490495844
Lionel MessiCF9493888496437243
Franck RibéryLM9093798393455554
Emanuel RivasLM7293626679435734
Arjen RobbenRM8893858092475842
Loïc RémyST8392767178498443
Gareth BaleLM8692818486757244
Abdulaziz MajrashiRB5092313051454523
Imoh EzekielST6792634566376433
Darren MattocksST6792604869427134
Christian AtsuLW7692656480385432
Raphael MartinhoLM7292686278586034
Abdul Majeed WarisST7092664961376323
Derick TshimangaLB6892536272656823