In this video EA frontman, David Rutter, demonstrates True Player Motion in FIFA 14 made possible by PS4 and Xbox One. The premise is that foot sliding has become a thing of the past and player footsteps are not only accurate but effect the movement physics in the game.

Year in year out EA SPORTS takes strides (quite literally in this instance) to make FIFA feel more real. Next gen consoles and the introduction of the Ignite Engine allowed FIFA 14 to step up (alright, enough puns already) the realism considerably.

Precision movement makes manoeuvring players much more lifelike and it could add some extra difficulty into the game. You’ll have to be more tactical with the sprint trigger and time those turns better taking into account the more precise player momentum. On the plus side once you learn how to control it you should be able to use it to your advantage against defenders that aren’t yet up to speed.

EA SPORTS’ Precision Movement follows on from their TV commercial that you can view in all it’s glory here.