FIFA 14 is still nearly four months away but EA have released this gameplay trailer, more information about the key features that are being introduced and the official FIFA 14 release dates for both Europe and the US.

US residents will be able to get their hands on the game slightly earlier this year on 24th September whilst their Europe dwelling counterparts will have to wait until 27th September 2013.

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Precision Movement

The gameplay trailer is for the current gen version of FIFA 14 and one of the main features it highlights is Precision Movement. Aargh, not another buzzword. EA have been developing this new locomotion technology for over two years and it’s designed to capture the life like step movements performed by real players. What this means is that there’ll be more momentum involved when turning whilst sprinting and you’ll notice more distinct acceleration and deceleration.

It looks to be another steep learning curve for people who hold down the print button but Precision Movement will hopefully make attacking and defending a much more thoughtful process. Hopefully the extra momentum will mean skill moves will be effective against AI (and contain) defending, instead as being as completely useless like they are on FIFA 13.

For more information on Precision Movement you can check out EA’s own blog here.

Pure Shot

Shooting in FIFA 14 gets a facelift. Sound familiar? Last year shots were given a greater random factor and increased animations giving greater variation to the style and outcome of shooting. This year shooting becomes more “true” letting you hit the ball much sweeter than before.

This paves the way for more realistic trajectories, dipping and swerving shots making some of the truly beautiful goals you see go in throughout the season a reality in FIFA 14.

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