FIFA 14 Man Marking Testbed  More FIFA 14 Team-Mate Intelligence Details Revealed FIFA 14 Man Marking Testbed

Following the initial FIFA 14 reveal, EA have released some more details regarding how your AI team-mate intelligence will effect your play.

The two phrases being coined regarding attacking and defending AI intelligence are:

  • Open Up The Pitch
  • Close The Gap

Attacking team mates will open up the pitch with new runs in FIFA 14. They’ll have the intelligence to check their runs to create space between themselves and defenders and also hold runs to stay onside.

This all seems similar to last years AI advances so what’s changed? We’re not sure yet but we’re confident that last years system has been finely tuned and polished to include many more options going forward and an even more fluid attacking build up.

Marking has been improved too by all accounts. It’ll no longer be a case of AI defenders man marking opponents. Now they’ll analyse situations and apply pressure all over the pitch rather than just covering the player closest to them.

Defensive positioning has also been enhanced meaning there’ll be less chance of them leaving your opponents players wide open.

Time Wasters Beware

If you’ve ever been 1-0 down with 80 minutes on the clock and your opponent has gone into keep ball mode you’ll know how difficult it can be to win the ball back because no matter how hard you try you can’t get enough players to pressure the ball. Well in FIFA 14 help is at hand! In EA’s own words:

“Previously, once a team had a lead late into a match, they would begin to slow the pace to run down the clock. Now, Defenders will recognize this and press the attacking players in an attempt to win back possession.”

All in all it looks to be a solid step forward building on the foundations laid in FIFA 13 and once again balance across the pitch seems to be key.

We’ll bring you more FIFA 14 details as we get them!