FIFA 13’s broken records and won plenty of awards but it’s not been without it’s flaws. It’s been in the spotlight a few times already for bugs and issues.

EA Sports shows that it’s not just concentrating on the next generation of FIFA though and it’s still committed to trying to provide the best experience it can for current FIFA 13 players by releasing another patch for the game.

The patch is already available to download for PC players and will be released on both PS3 and Xbox consoles in the coming days.

The patch is great news for anyone affected but there’s always the argument that these issues should have been dealt with prior to release. The stark reality these days though is that the sheer magnitude of the online aspect of FIFA makes for many uncertainties when releasing a new game into the wild and it’s just not physically possible to test things on the same scales.

And unfortunately there’s always going to be people out there hell bent on finding and exploiting anything they can to the detriment of everyone else that just wants to play and have fun. The good news is that EA seem to be taking a particularly hard line on cheating and foul play this year.

It’s not just FIFA that releases patches to fix bugs. Most online titles continuously tweak and update their game on an ongoing basis to make your user experience better.

February’s FIFA 13 Patch Will Include

The official EA Forum announced the following details.

  • Guest Play added as an option in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team
  • An error when trying to access Pro Clubs
  • An issue to reduce disconnects to the EA Servers and in EA SPORTS Football Club while in menus or gameplay
  • An issue in Creation Centre where some licensed kits were displayed incorrectly
  • Disconnects while viewing FUT Auction House search results
  • Snow will again be a random weather option in Pro Clubs

Are you having any other issues that still haven’t been addressed? Let us know in the comments.