Sometimes a couple of yards of space is all you need in FIFA 13 to create a goal scoring chance or gain the upper hand on your opponent but against containing defenders sometimes a couple of yards of space isn’t that easy to come by.

Darren Cross from Match magazine comes to The Boot Room again, this time to show us how he loses markers in FIFA 13 and creates that all important space on the pitch.

His first tip is the Stop and Go. A really simple but effective tactic that’s relatively underused even in the top divisions.

When you’re running with the ball and the defender’s tracking your movements alongside you stop sprinting and hold LB. The moment you stop start sprinting again in the same direction you were sprinting originally.

A lot of the time the defender will halt or change direction thinking you’re on the turn allowing you to skip past them or at the very least create space to make your next move.

How To Lose Your Marker FIFA 13  How To Lose Your Marker in FIFA 13 How To Lose Your Marker FIFA 13

Darren’s next tip is to be unpredictable. Think about what you’re opponent will anticipate you doing and try to mix it up. Cut in on your players wrong foot for example. Make sure you keep mixing it up and don’t become repetitive.

He also recommends being patient, bluffing your opponent, doing nothing and making your opposition turn.

He finally shows how to use the heel chop. How to perform it and in which situations and areas of the pitch it works best.

Let us know if you’ve got any tips of your own for creating space.