IGN caught up with FUT producer, Marcel Kuhn at Gamescom 2013 and got an exclusive walkthrough of some of the new features of FIFA 14.

During the walkthrough, Marcel shows us some game footage from FIFA 14 on the new Xbox ONE going straight in through the new slick menu screens and into the new skill games that’ll keep us entertained during the match loading sequences.

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A big feature of the new EA Ignite engine is the ability to make the stadiums come alive and we see this as the crowd moves fluently as the match loads. The game will come alive of the pitch also as we’ll see the players urge the ball boys to get the ball if they’re in a rush to get the ball back in play.

On top of that we’re treated to some gameplay footage featuring pro player intelligence and true player motion as Marcel gets taught a lesson by the FIFA 14 AI.

Marcel also confirms that the FIFA 14 demo will be available to download on September 10th on Xbox 360 and PS3.