You’ve probably seen the messages around various social media streams, “Ultimate Team is only available on Xbox ONE!” To alleviate any doubt in your mind we can tell you that this IS NOT TRUE.

EA have confirmed that like previous years Ultimate Team will be available on PS4, PC and Xbox One (as well as Xbox 360 and PS3).

Andrew Wilson EA Xbox One Reveal  FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Will NOT Be Exclusive to Xbox One Andrew Wilson EA Xbox One RevealThe confusion came during the Xbox One reveal last Tuesday. Head of EA SPORTS, Andrew Wilson, gave his presentation showcasing EA and Microsoft’s new strategic partnership going into the next generation of gaming. During the presentation Andrew talked about new features that EA would reveal later this year including (and I quote):

“Exclusive content for the most popular mode in the most popular sports game in the world, Ultimate Team in FIFA 14….. And ONLY ON XBOX

It appears that, attention spans being what they are, many people (including some websites!) seemed to hear “Ultimate Team in FIFA 14” and “only on Xbox” then put 2 and 2 together and come up with 9.

Ok, to be fair, if Andrew had worked for Microsoft I’d have put his “only on Xbox” line down as a clever marketing spin as untrained ears could be forgiven for misinterpreting it. The cynic in me wouldn’t even be surprised if that one phrase was part of the deal for EA’s Xbox Reveal airtime.

On the other hand, maybe I’m doing Andrew, EA and Microsoft a disservice. Maybe Andrew was just a little over zealous emphasising the Xbox partnership and didn’t think through his lines. After all in his rush to bring us the news he did combine “for” and “today” to make the portmanteau “forday”.

Andrew also discussed EA’s next generation game engine, IGNITE.

FIFA Ultimate Edition is available again this year with Amazon listing FIFA 14 Ultimate Edition at £59.99FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Will NOT Be Exclusive to Xbox One ir t ul00 21 l as2 o 2 a B00CQMZB6I which includes bonuses such as historic kits, exclusive celebrations, 5 Virtual Pro boosts, an adidas bundle as well as 24 Ultimate Team gold packs (one per week for 24 weeks).