Are you bored of scoring sweaty goals but not sure how to string skill moves together to take on players? Check out this FIFA 14 tutorial to learn how to skill like a YouTube pro.

In Wessamo Ronaldo’s latest tutorial he shows us how to link simple skills together to make really easy but very cool looking skill move combos.

Ball Roll and Drag Back

The first combo links simple close control using the R1 / RB button with the ball roll. First perform a ball roll by moving the right thumb-stick left or right (from the direction your player is facing) then immediately after hold RB and move backwards and to the side using the left analogue stick to maneuver past your opponent.

Scoop Turn

The scoop turn is a really effective skill move to beat opponents especially around the edge of the box when defenders are more likely to slide in. You can perform a scoop turn by pressing X / A immediately after pressing shoot or cross. I’m on Xbox and I find it easiest to slide my thumb across the X and A buttons. By using the cross button it means I can also do it in my own half.

Combine the scoop turn with the ball roll for some really effective and attractive skills.

Skill Pass

There are some great skill passing animations in FIFA 14 and any player can do them (as opposed to just certain players last year). It’s not just for show either. Using a skill pass in tight situations can sometimes create angles the ordinary passes wouldn’t be able to make.

Still it’s really underused. I see more defenders doing it by accident because the player hasn’t release RB from secondary pressing before panic passing than I do players using it on purpose in their opponent’s half!

Once again, Wessamo combines the skill pass (R1 / RB and X / A) with the ball roll for extra effect.

Bonus Skill: Running Flick Up Shot / Pass

My favourite of the lot is a skill combo I’d probably never have thought of. For an amazing looking piece of skill start the advanced rainbow flick and interrupt it half way though by shooting or passing. You can perform the advanced rainbow flick by moving the right analogue stick backwards then forwards twice.

What tutorial would you like to see Wessamo do next?