We’re on the cusp of next gen console gaming and FIFA 14 is keen to show off the new Ignite Engine which enables EA SPORTS to take their football video game to the next level.

It Just Got Real!

EA’s tag line: “It just got real” is a bold claim to make but the FIFA series has been making more and more strides towards reality despite being restricted by the 13 year old technology provided by current consoles. Now that the shackles are off and a brand new game engine to build on can the physics of FIFA 14 blur the lines even more?

Next gen FIFA 14 boasts four times as many calculations every second, ten times better animation fidelity, 3D crowds and sidelines that react to what’s going on in the game and living environments!

Game career mode saves, squads, FIFA Points and coins will all be available to be transferred from PS3 to PS4 or from Xbox 360 to Xbox ONE.

Alongside the commercial EA have launched a life sized digital Lionel Messi which is both extremely fascinating and creepy (but still pretty cool!) Definitely worth checking out.

FIFA 14 is being released alongside the Xbox ONE on 22nd November and for the PS4 on the same date. Have you pre-ordered yours yet?